Don't Hesitate to Shave Your Baby's Hair, Here are the Benefits

Senin, 27 Agustus 2018 - 12:03 | 32.95k

TIMESINDONESIA, JAKARTA – For some parents, especially those who have a girl baby, of course they won't acquisce in if they get their baby's hair bald. So, they don't want to cut it. Actually, do we need to shave baby's hair? The health experts say that shaving baby's hair can actually provide many benefits. Reporting from Hello Sehat, the following are the benefits of shaving baby hair cut.

1. Healthy baby hair

Cutting or shaving the baby's hair will make his hair become healthier and thicker. This is because the scalp will become cleaner so that the hair growth will be better.

If the baby also gets adequately good nutrition for the health of his hair, then the baby's hair will become healthier, thicker, and make the appearance more attractive.

2. The baby's scalp can be cleaner

With a bald head, parents will certainly be easier to care for the cleanliness of the baby's scalp, including the dirt like the rest of fat from the uterine wall. In this case, Health experts say if the fat on the baby's scalp is not cleaned, it will stick and can trigger hygiene problems on the baby's scalp.

3. It's easier to detect scalp irritation

Scalp that is cleaner without hair will certainly make it easier for parents to see if there is injury or irritation to the baby's scalp. So if this happens, the wound and irritation can be more effectively treated.

Those are the benefits of shaving baby's hair. Beside making hair that grows more beautiful, it turns out having benefits for health too. So, don't feel worrying to shave or cut your baby's hair. (*)

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Publisher : Rochmat Shobirin


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