32 Artists Around the World Joining Selfie in Three Minutes

Minggu, 14 Juni 2020 - 19:46 | 27.99k
Tilik Sarira Creative Process X Anomalist Production.
Tilik Sarira Creative Process X Anomalist Production.

TIMESINDONESIA, YOGYAKARTASelfie in Three Minutes, a video footage which shows a 3 minutes selfie of 32 artists around the world was broadcasted live on Instagram on June 12-14 2020. This was a way of all those artists to show their creativities even at home during this pandemic.

"The event was brought up by Tilik Sarira Creative Process X and Anomalist Production and broadcasted in Instagram from three days in a row at eight (20.00 p.m)," the concept creator of the event S. Sophiyah K said on Sunday (14/6/2020).

The video footage which was broadcasted live on @tiliksarira and @anomalistproduction was followed by lots of artist from Indonesia such as Babam (drag queen), Mawang (musician), Guffy Perdana (podcaster), Joko Kurnain, Kristo Mulyagan, Brian Suebu and many more.

Meanwhile, several foreign artists from Malaysia such as Sueki Yee, Tulangkata, Sadiq M Jamil, Nia Khalisa, Khairi Anwar, Yulia Menes (Mexico), Annu Cutter (Germany), Catalina Urutbey (Argentina), Lucia Petranyi (Hungary), Alejandro Flores (Mexico) and Habib Rehman Khan (Pakistan) also joining the footage.

In the footage, each of the artists shows 3 minutes of their daily activities at home during this pandemic. "Selfie in Three Minutes takes them to show their activities to the viewers, any activities they would like to show, even those frivolous one," Sophiyah added. (*)

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