Museum Pos Where You Could See the History of Indonesian Postal Service

Rabu, 31 Agustus 2022 - 00:11 | 31.85k
Some collection at Museum Pos Indonesia, Bandung. (Foto: Kominfo for TIMES Indonesia)
Some collection at Museum Pos Indonesia, Bandung. (Foto: Kominfo for TIMES Indonesia)

TIMESINDONESIA, BANDUNG – Post office has become an essential place to help people communicate with each other on its time. However as of today the way we communicate is getting  much easier. And Museum Pos Bandung will explain you about the history of postal service.

Located at Jalan Cilaki No. 73 Bandung, Museum Pos stands beautifully next to Gedung Sate, a popular tourist destination in the area. Nestled in heart of the city Museum Pos will be a perfect place to spend your leisure time especially if you have your kids with you.


This place which was build in 1933 will explain you the history of how the first postal service coming to this country through pictures and paintings. They also have series of old letter from Indonesian former public figure related to postal service history.

"To me it’s the scale and printing device. We could imagine how they work back then by seeing this devices," Aldi, a local visitor said while checking on the museum collection.


As the modern days your kids will never knew about this way of communication, you could bring them to the museum and introduce them the way people communicate back before gadget was found.

Museum Pos Indonesia of Bandung opens daily from Monday to Saturday at 09.00-16.00 local western times. Just for your consideration, the will open shorter on Saturday on 09.00-13.00 local western times.

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Editor : Khodijah Siti
Publisher : Rizal Dani