Arumi Java Café Kraksaan Offers Such a Local Country Side Atmosphere

Jumat, 30 September 2022 - 02:26 | 28.29k
The nice ambience of Arumi Java Café Kraksaan, Probolinggo. (Photo: Dimas for TIMES Indonesia) 
The nice ambience of Arumi Java Café Kraksaan, Probolinggo. (Photo: Dimas for TIMES Indonesia) 

TIMESINDONESIA, PROBOLINGGO – If you happened to pass by Kraksaan, a little city located in Probolinggo, East Java and willing to find a nice place with thick country side atmosphere then you need to come by to Arumi Java Café. This café will not only mesmerize your eyes with stunning interior but also pamper your belly with their food.

Arumi Java Café has become a quite popular place to hang out by the local community. Lots of family and group of colleagues will gather in this place just to spend their moment together and may be discuss some of their issues together.


This café will be full of flocks of youngsters and families o the weekend just to spend their precious moment together. Most of them will have a cup of coffee and some snacks while spending their Saturday night.

They have an interesting taste of local arabica and robusta they get from the local farm. And this kind of drinks has become their main signature drink of the café.


"For the two café that I have, we make these drinks as a signature with very affordable price. These two kinds of coffee have enchanted the customers who mostly spend their evening time at this café," Fahmi Adimas Abdul Azis, the owner of the café said on Friday (23/9/2022).

Dimas also said that picking the local robusta and arabica for a reason. He knows that this kind of coffee has become popular worldwide. And that Indonesia is the biggest country to export these across the world become another reason why he chooses the product for his ingredients.

Indonesia was known to be the 4th biggest country to export arabica after Brazil, Vietnam, and Colombia. The coffee with slightly sweet flavor, with a hint of chocolaty, nutty, and caramel-ish taste has attract so many attentions from people around the world.

Meanwhile, for those who willing to enjoy some main course, this café also has the popular ayam grepek or smashed crispy chicken with spicy garlic and chili sauce. They made the ingredients just the way the popular restaurant does.


They also have the ultimate taste of gourami. Gourami has become such a common fish found across the country. People love to have this fish for its nice and savory taste it has. It also away from the muddy taste we usually found in a cultivated freshwater fish.

You could have the gourami either fried or grilled. All will give you such a special experience of tasting the food accompanied with the local. What makes it better, the price of each food and beverages varied but will never let you broke. The dishes could be enjoyed starting from IDR 15-20 K/pax.

Just make sure you find Arumi Java Café whenever you happened o be around Kraksaan or Probolinggo area. For this café will surely give you an ultimate experience of spending your moment and having their ultimate taste of meals.

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