A Kanjuruhan Survivor Story: Left Alone Between Dead Body

Kamis, 13 Oktober 2022 - 01:25 | 19.52k
Iqbal and his red eyes after encountering three times tear gas shot during the soccer tragedy at Kanjuruhan Stadium. (Photo; Rizky Kurniaean Pratama/TIMES Indonesia) 
Iqbal and his red eyes after encountering three times tear gas shot during the soccer tragedy at Kanjuruhan Stadium. (Photo; Rizky Kurniaean Pratama/TIMES Indonesia) 

TIMESINDONESIA, MALANG – Iqbal Maualana, a 17-years-old guy feels so lucky that he only had minor injury from the soccer tragedy in Kanjuruhan last Saturday (1/10/2022). Iqbal witness the tragedy with his own eyes. He even become one of the victims for the tear gasses shot to the audience by police.

Iqbal who lived at Jalan Sadewo RT 3 RW 3 Polehan, Blimbing, Malang was still in recovery phase till now. Her eyes still red from hemorrhage and a bit swollen. His feet were bent in from people who stepped on it accidentally. Her belly bruised and achy.


Iqbal was one survivor who manage to get out of gate 13. He was sat at row 13 where the police released tear gasses shot for three times. "I thought it was three times shot right in front of my eyes, row 13. The smoke flow out, it was teary, I couldn’t breathe, it hurts,"Iqbal said on Wednesday (12/10/2022).

Iqbal said it was his first encounter with tear gas. "This is my first-time getting blast by tear gas for the whole of my life. It was choking like hell," he added.

Korban-Kanjuruhan-2.jpgIqbal's leg was bruised from being stepped on. (Foto: Rizky Kurniawan Pratama/TIMES Indonesia)

He was standing right next to the stair of row 13. After inhaling so many gasses he was fainted and suddenly his body rolled down the stairs. Some other fans lift him up and set him under the stairs.

When knew when someone lift him aside and put him under the stairs. He saw other fans was lying at the same place around him. Some dead and some may be fainted. He couldn’t do anything but praying for help.

 "Those people running on top of my body, they steeped on me. I couldn’t stand. Someone lifted me up and put me with those people who died," he added. Iqbal stuck with the deceased audience beside him for more than 20 minutes.

Iqbal saw some people evacuate the audience from gate 13 wall which was holy for tore down by the audience. He gathered all his energy and run to it. Someone catches his hand and pull him out from the wall. Her leg and her stomach were scratched from the tip of uneven wall.

Iqbal went directly to the parking lot. With his energy he had left he drive his motorbike to home. In the middle of his trip to home, he felt nauseous and decided to stop. Moment later he was found fainted on the side of the road.

Korban-Kanjuruhan-3.jpgIqbal's right stomach is getting better (Foto: Rizky Kurniawan Pratama/TIMES Indonesia)

Some other fans of Arema who able to get away from the stadium found him and gave him some water and wake him up. He managed to come home with the help of good samaritan found him in the street.

The next day he called all his friend who went to the stadium with him. Thankfully, they all managed to go home safely. Iqbal was the only one of his group who suffer some severe irritation on his eyes.

The next day (2/10/2022) he was taken to the local hospital to do some check up. He was charged to hospital for a day and sent home the next day. Doctor sent him home with some prescriptions to help him cure his injuries and treat his eyes at home after the soccer tragedy in Kanjuruhan Stadium. (*)


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Editor : Khodijah Siti
Publisher : Sholihin Nur