6 Ultimate Taste of Indonesian Spring Rolls, Check Them Out!

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Lumpia Semarang a.k.a Semarang spring rolls. (PHOTO: Letart/Freepik) 
Lumpia Semarang a.k.a Semarang spring rolls. (PHOTO: Letart/Freepik) 

TIMESINDONESIA, JAKARTALumpia or spring rolls has been associated to be Chinese food where you could find it in every Chinese restaurant. History said that this food was brought by Chinese merchant to the Indonesia hundred years ago.



The name Lumpia was derived from the Chinese language 'lun' which means soft and 'pia' which means cake. Nowadays, this food has become a well-known food in the country. The local community commonly will have this food during their mealtime or a companion during their teatime.

Little did, there are several varieties and taste of spring rolls in the country. It was because of the different culture of each area to serve some food and the main course they usually eat. So. Without any further do, let's check them out.

1. Lumpia Jakarta a.k.a Jakarta spring rolls

Lumpia-Jakarta.jpg(Photo: Komentatoriseng/Pergikuliner)

Jakarta spring rolls has yam or jicama as the filling beside all those regular filling like chicken, spring onion and some other ingredients. It tastes so fresh when all those filling combined. 
The jicama or yam usually will still have a crunchy texture which make it It's usually served with peanut sauce just like when you have the local Indonesian salad. The fresh taste combined with the savory sauce makes this food a perfect companion for your teatime.

2. Lumpia Bogor a.k.a Bogor spring rolls

Lumpia bogor or Bogor spring rolls also used yam for their filling. What makes the food a little bit different was for the rice paper. When Jakarta Spring roll will be fried, lumpia Bogor or Bogor spring rolls will need the rice paper to be roasted.
The texture become softer yet crisps. The roasted way of cooking makes the spring rolls has such a unique fragrant of smoked rice paper. The size will also be bigger than the normal rolls. It approximately as bigger as your palm. 

3. Lumpia Yogyakarta a.k.a Yogyakarta spring rolls

Lumpia-Jogjakarta.jpgLumpia Jogjakarta. (Photo: Sajian Sedap) 

Lumpia Yogyakarta was almost the same with Jakarta spring rolls. Except the number of the vegetables more varied compared the Jakarta one. They also used yam, shredded carrots, bean sprouts, and minced chicken. Commonly they will serve this dish with local pickles such as cucumber and chili.
Indonesia according to their area. 

4. Lumpia Medan a.k.a Medan spring rolls

The local community of Medan also called this food as popiah. The large size of the food makes the local community serve it one of their main courses. The spring rolls consist of rice paper filled with minced bamboo shoots, scramble egg, crab, chicken, meat, ground peanuts, and more which fit their taste. 

5. Lumpia Semarang a.k.a Semarang spring rolls

This savory snack made of thin crepe pastry skin. The texture will be quite different from the rice paper. The crepe will surely be thicker. The crepe sometimes will be served fried or just steamed after filled with savory minced bamboo shoots, boiled egg, and shrimp. 

6. Lumpia Basah Bandung

Lumpia-Basah-Bandung.jpgLumpia Basah Bandung. (Photo: Freepik) 

Unlike any other spring rolls,Lumpia Basah only use the rice paper as a wrapper, without being rolled. It was served with the rice paper as the based, a little tauco sauce and sautéed bean sprouts on top of it. Some minced chicken might be added in some cases. (*)

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