Afdian Perdana Earns Billions from Visa Processing Business

Rabu, 16 November 2022 - 15:35 | 45.45k
Afdian Perdana has emerged from pandemic and now reach billions of rupiah (Photo: Personal doc)
Afdian Perdana has emerged from pandemic and now reach billions of rupiah (Photo: Personal doc)

TIMESINDONESIA, BALI – The extraordinary panic filled the world after the deadly corona virus (COVID-19) appeared in Wuhan, China 2 years ago. It’s ravaging all aspects, especially the economy and business. This pandemic has left a lot of worry feeling for many people in the world, including Afdian Perdana, an  Indonesian who had lost his job during the pandemic. 

At first, Afdian Perdana, a Sales Manager for a company in Jakarta, felt the same way. The pandemic made him lost his job very quickly. The sales target that should have been achieved, suddenly dropped drastically and forced him to be laid off. 


"Feelings of disappointment, fear and indecision often raged in my mind. However, I knew that this feeling was not a good way because it would bring me down even further," said Dana, his nickname.

Rise! That's what Dana always said back then. This 38-year-old man finally tried to rack his brain. Armed with the severance pay he received from his previous company, he moved to Bali to calm his mind while trying to try his luck on the Island of the Gods. 

Afdian-Perdana-2.jpgAfdian Perdana founded Quran Tahfiz Dormitory in Bali with 1000 memorizers target (Photo: Personal doc)

'Fortune is chasing us like death is chasing us. So don't be afraid that fortune will be far from us.’  Those are the words and motivations that Dana always holds in his life. 

Once upon a time, this man who had lived in Germany for 7 years got a phone call from one of his friends in England. Surprisingly, his friend was going to visit Bali on business.

However, because at that time the pandemic was getting increasingly widespread, government policies to reduce the number of foreign tourists began to be implemented. 

"My friend is asking for help so he can arrange a B221A visa or type of business visit visa," he explained. 

Armed with persistence, his hard work was paid. Finally, he managed to get his friend's visa. And, this is where it all started.

Afdian-Perdana-3.jpgAfter being laid off because of the pandemic, Afdian Perdana founded PT. Perdana VISA (Photo: Personal doc)

Somehow, the name of Afdian Perdana, who was successful in helping his friends in obtaining visas, is increasingly being heard by others. Thus, Dana got a lot of phone calls from clients.

Dana finally saw an opportunity and this man eventually founded his own company, PT Perdana VISA. Even though this business was established during the pandemic, it did not discourage him.

The man who idolizes the figure of Chairul Tanjung says that if we have a good work, everything will be achieved. Do not forget to pray to God. "Life must balance up and down," he added. 

Now, the company he founded is growing rapidly. The turnover has touched billions of rupiah per month.

Dana did not stop there, it turns out that he also had a long-held dream, to establish a tahfiz Quran boarding school in Bali, the target was to produce 1,000 scholars who memorized the Quran.

"So far, this program has been running and has fostered around 40 children," said Afdian Perdana, who remains down to earth despite his success with his visa processing business.

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Editor : Khodijah Siti
Publisher : Rizal Dani