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Experts Praises for Jokowi's Leadership at G20 Indonesia

Rabu, 23 November 2022 - 16:29 | 14.71k
President Joko Widodo in his state activities. (PHOTO: AJP TIMES Indonesia)
President Joko Widodo in his state activities. (PHOTO: AJP TIMES Indonesia)

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TIMESINDONESIA, BALI – Political communication  expert  from University of Pelita Harapan, Dr.  Emrus Sihombing said that the successful of the G20 Indonesia made it at the top of  the world leadership.  

According to Emrus, the successful of the event can’t be separated from the  leadership of  President Joko Widodo which had been run effectively. This leaves a positive image and  a deep impression  on the G20 member country officials.


"In my opinion it was awesome, we have to admit it. Therefore I’d say that Indonesia's success under Jokowi's  leadership in holding the G20, not teying to seek for complement but that thing has created a good image," Emrus said on Tuesday (22/11/2022).

"The  positive image makes Indonesia's  position in the  international eyes  more credible,  in Indonesia's eyes we also  become confident that we are able to manage a very extraordinary event  where  it  is attended by the world leaders," he continued.

Eramus stated that the successful of the G20 event  can be seen from the number of  praises given by a severel world leaders who were present to President Jokowi.  They range from Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau,  American  President  Joe Biden, British Prime Minister  Rishi Sunak up to  United  Arab Emirates (UAE) President Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahya (MBZ).

"Just look at the world leaders seeing them comfortable  with their happy smile, and the securing protocol that make them safe is amazing, I frankly say this is  not a one-day job," he said.

According to Emrus,  Indonesia's position that adheres to the  principle of an active free  foreign policy  can embrace all countries without taking sides with one of the interests so that it  does not have a burden when dealing with warring countries  such as Russia and Ukraine.

"Let's name a thing for example, didn’t he visit Ukraine and as well as met with the President of  Ukraine meeting  also with the  President of Russia, so he didnt’t  take sides but he offered peace  and stopped the war and sat on the round table," Emrus added.

After the G20, Indonesia has now received Asean chairmanship from Cambodia and become ASEAN  Chair in  2023.  Emrus said  it was a good opportunity to take a role in the  Southeast Asian region.  

"Subsequently, this is  a tremendous  opportunity that should be seized in all  areas especially in the business or economic sphere while at the G20 Indoensia and  our influence  in all social  contracts including politics and geopolitics in Southeast Asia  (ASEAN)," he explained.

Previously, President Jokowi told that  Indonesia's current  position in the global  arena when giving a speech at the opening ceremony  of the 1st-7th National Deliberation of HIPMI in Surakarta. 

Meanwhile, President Jokowi emphasized that Indonesia is currently at the top of the world's respected global  leaders.

"This is a great  mandate and a great honor we are  really at the top of global leadership today because we are also currently  the  chairman of ASEAN," said Jokowi. 

According to Jokowi,  the reliance  to  become the G20 Indonesia this year is not easy to obtain. Jokowi stressed the importance of  maintaining trust. "If we become entrepreneurs, what we build is  people's trust in us.  This as our country  also builds  international trust, global trust,  and other countries  ' trust in Indonesia.  This is not  easy, this is not  easy," President Jokowi concluded.

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