Gus Yahya of PBNU Takes the Students of Oxford University to Discuss after the R20

Rabu, 23 November 2022 - 22:17 | 14.54k

TIMESINDONESIA, LONDON – After Forum R20  which was held in Nusa Dua Bali at the beginning of November 2022, Ketum PBNU Gus Yahya or the Chief of PBNU feels like to bring more positive vibe to the world. This time, the guy which also known as KH Yahya Cholil Staquf held a service he called as Ngaji NU to London.

He took  the students who joined The Policy Exchange London some of The Oxford Union Society students to joint the event. On the occasion, Gus Yahya explained about the rise and fall of world civilazation. He also asked everyone to sit and discuss the issue in peaceful way. 


On the occasion, Gus Yahya was actually invited to be the native speaker for one of the seminar held at Oxford University. This workshop was held on Tuesday (21/11/2022). At the begining of the discussion Gus Yahya reminds all the people presence in the room about the fall of Ottoman Kingdom which make muslims faced some crucial issues since that day. 

On behalf NU, to answerthe issue he asked everyone to discuss about it. To reveal the real core problem and find the solutions. He also stated 4 main issues that has been faced by all muslims in the world since that day till now. 

The first he underlined was the used of the word "kafir" to name someone else who has different belief. "This term was occasionally used politically to do some violent act toward others. And NU absolutely disagree with it. This term should have been tackled without sparking another new problem," he said.

The second was the need to develop the new concept syariah point of view. According to him the concept was somehow misunderstood by certain people with something that has been fixed. Yet, in the contrary this thing still need to be developed to achieve a relevant thought for Islamic tought. 

The third was the need of tackling some conflict through discussion in peaceful way to minimize another conflict sparks either between muslim or muslim with another. 

The last but not least was the issue of making Islam as the fundamnetal thougt for a country. According to Gus Yahya the answer was quite clear. All was depend on the people of the country themselves. 

"Islam doesn't offer a form of a muslim country in particular, but Islam just giving some points to be taken as the universal principles which vould be taken as a reference to create social relationship in society as well the country," he added. 

Gus Yahya also said that NU has gone through some experiences in managing and developing some islamic civilazation in Indonesia. NU has had some authority in representing islam for the world. 
"The world has built a new point of biew in developing islamic civilazation mission in order to keep islam stay related to they newest situation," he added. 

Still according to him, to achieve the point NU keep their relationship with all world figures as well religious communities in the whole world. And one of them is through the Religion 20 (R20) which was just held in Bali, Indonesia. (*)

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Editor : Khodijah Siti
Publisher : Rifky Rezfany