5 Authentic Meals of Majalengka, Check Them Out

Kamis, 29 Desember 2022 - 05:23 | 51.51k
Serabi. (Photo: Hendri Firmansyah/ TIMES Indonesia)
Serabi. (Photo: Hendri Firmansyah/ TIMES Indonesia)

TIMESINDONESIA, MAJALENGKAMajalengka, a district in West Java holds countless attractions of natural beauties. During one of your visits to the city, it is a perfect opportunity for you to try their authentic meals while also feasting your eyes upon the local natural beauties of Indonesia.

This city is commonly called as “the wind city” by the locals. There are numerous unique legendary snacks that you may try. All of which will give you some new experience in food tasting.


Here are List of Authentic Meals in Majalengka

1. Nasi Lengko

This snack is one of the most popular snacks among the locals. Nasi Lengko is commonly served for breakfast or lunch. It is a combination of rice and various nutritious side dishes from tofu, tempeh, mung bean sprouts, cucumber slices, celery, and fried onion. 

Not to mention the additional crackers or Melinjo crackers with sweet soy sauce on the top. With lots of choices and mix-match possibilities, you can customize your plate that suits perfectly your taste. Some chili paste or sambal usually added upon the customer's choice. 

2. Lotek

Lotek is a traditional dish in Majalengka similar to a salad or mixed vegetables with peanut sauce from Indonesia. It consists of various cooked vegetables, such as kale, pumpkin, mung bean sprouts, cauliflower, bitter gourd, cabbage, Melinjo crackers, winged bean, and long beans.

The sauce used in lotek is made with ground peanuts mixed with palm sugar and other spices. You can also add some slices of rice cakes for a more satiating meal.

3. Serabi Oncom

Serabi oncom is a street snack that is rich in taste and available in many regions in Majalengka. This snack is primarily made from rice flour dough mixed with oncom, a variant of tempeh.

Interestingly, the cooking process of serabi oncom is still the same as it was decades before. The dough is cooked in a cast clay mold using firewood, thus it has a distinctive fragrant aroma that makes it even more appetizing. The combination of serabi and oncom makes a perfect mixture which suitable for your coffee or tea time.

4. Tutut

Gula-Cakar.jpgTutut. (Photo: Hendri Firmansyah/ TIMES Indonesia)

Tutut or “small snail” is a small mollusk commonly found in the rice farm or fish pond areas in Majalengka. Tutut from Majalengka is commonly served with a distinct yellow seasoning. 

Quite surprisingly, it has a similar taste to spicy-cooked duck. The combination of spicy and salty taste makes it perfect for a side dish or an evening snack. 

5. Klepon

Klepon is a traditional sweet snack that has successfully maintained its popularity among the new variations and choices of modern snacks. Klepon has a sphere shape filled with liquid palm sugar and covered in coconut shavings. 

Klepon is made from glutinous rice flour as its primary ingredient. The dough is mixed with pandan leaf juice thus its green appearance and fragrant smell. Once you bite this authentic meals of Majalengka, you will feel like a sugar rush bomb melting in your mouth. (*)

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Publisher : Sofyan Saqi Futaki

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