4 Oldest Restaurants in Malang You Need to Visit

Sabtu, 14 Januari 2023 - 00:14 | 49.92k
Ilustration: Kebab or shawarma, a typical Middle East burrito. (FOTO: 8photo/Freepik)
Ilustration: Kebab or shawarma, a typical Middle East burrito. (FOTO: 8photo/Freepik)

TIMESINDONESIA, JAKARTAMalang might not be a new place for some people including you. But have you ever visit its oldest restaurants? These places will take you back to the old time and bring back the old memories with its authentic taste of food.

The restaurants have been established for years. Each of them has its own signature dish and beverages. With its nice authentic way of serving as well comfortable place though it is far from modern look these places have managed to steal the locals' and tourist's attention. 


The nice experience and authentic taste of the foods are the things that make the visitors come back for more. It bring the special essence of enjoying the food. without any further do let's check them out. 

List of Oldest Restaurants in Malang

1. Tahu Lontong Lonceng

The restaurant was established in 1935. Since its first appearance this place has never been quiet from the customers. Located at Jalan Laksamana Martadinata No.66 Malang this place has the authentic tahu lontong or fried tofu with rice cake as their main signature dish. 

A set of this dish could be enjoyed starting from IDR 8K. As for now, this family restaurant has been managed by the 4th generation, yet the taste of the food stay the same from time to time.  

2. Rawon Brintik

Being established in 1942, this restaurants has the ultimate taste of rawon of black beef soup. It is located at Jalan KH Ahmad Dahlan No.39, Sukoharjo, Klojen, Malang. The soup will take you to another level of enjoying beef on your plate.

Rawon literally means black beef soup and brintik meanns curly. It was because the first owner has a curly nice hair which become her iconic style. There then this place was named after the owner hair do since then till now. 

3. Ronde Titoni

Ronde or ginger ale with some sticky rice ball and certain ingredients has become the main signature dish since this restaurant was established in 1948. Ronde particularly was the sticky rice ball without the soup. Yet as the social accept the term, now ronde was a set of ginger ale with the sticky rice ball.

Located at Jalan Kawi Atas No. 36, Klojen, Malang this place has ronde, dry ronde without ginger ale, angsle, and several other condiments. A set of ronde could be enjoyed for IDR 10 K. This small restaurant opens daily from 18.00 to 22.00 local western times.  

4. Rumah Makan Kairo

This place offers the ultimate taste of Midlle Eastern food. Being established in 1952 you will find the authentic taste of shawarma or kebab and flaky layered bread or what so they called maryam bread. This place opens daily except on Friday. 

You could have a set of the dish started from IDR 15 K to IDR 50 K/pax. So, will you put these oldest restaurants in Malang on your list next time you visit the city?

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Editor : Khodijah Siti
Publisher : Sofyan Saqi Futaki