Start Your Culinary Adventure with Mie Ayam Remajah of Malang

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The customers are enjoying Mie Ayam in a food stall near the railway track. (PHOTO: Documentation of Mie Ayam Remajah/TIMES Indonesia)
The customers are enjoying Mie Ayam in a food stall near the railway track. (PHOTO: Documentation of Mie Ayam Remajah/TIMES Indonesia)

TIMESINDONESIA, MALANG – If you want to try some special, distinctive chicken noodle, you can start your culinary journey in Malang at Mie Ayam Remajah. This small restaurant will serve you a scrumptious and hearty noodle you would never found somewhere else. 

Mie Ayam, which is also known as Bakmi Ayam, is a traditional Indonesian dish of seasoned yellow wheat noodles topped with diced chicken meat. The light broth and the taste of the savory chicken in it will elevate your dining moment. 

Mie-Ayam-Topping-Rendang-di-Pinggir-Rel-b.jpgThe customers are enjoying the delicious Mie Ayam (PHOTO: Documentation of Mie Ayam Remajah/TIMES Indonesia)

Mie Ayam Remajah is located in Jalan Karya Timur Blk in Blimbing Sub-district. Any culinary lover may enjoy the delicious chicken noodle while enjoying the view of a railway track. 

The Founders of Mie Ayam Remajah

This restaurant was established in 2021. It was the idea of three entrepreneurs, namely Rizalvan Ubaidilah, Andrian Eka Rihanjaya, and Misbahul Fuad. 

They initiated a new culinary collaboration by creating the concept of pop-up kitchen by setting up their food stalls in any events in Malang. They went to such music concerts and gatherings in Malang to introduce their food at first. 

Their loyal customers have been supporting these three men to create simple food stalls set up in any events so that the customers may enjoy the delicious chicken noodle anywhere and anytime. 

“We established this food stall in November 2021, and then we moved here in August 2022. It was supported by our friends and loyal customers,” said one of the founders, Andrian Eka Rihanjaya. 

Special Condiments of Mie Ayam Remajah

There are three different toppings or condiments that you may choose These toppings differentiate  the name. As in this case they have original chicken noodle, Rendang, and Kare or curry. These menus were inspired by the rich cuisine of Indonesia to be combined with this particular dish. 

“Usually, chicken noodle has a sweet taste, such as Mie Ayam Jakarta and Mie Ayam Solo. To make it different, we explore other Indonesian cuisines to be combined with our special dish,” he said. 

The prices are relatively affordable, starting from IDR 12,000 for the original chicken noodle to IDR 20,000 for the  Rendang and and curry.
The name ‘Remajah’ has no special meanings. The founders only wanted to bring out the concept of the iconic food stalls in the 90s, which were famous for their simple yet memorable names. 

“For example, Warung Barokah has the vibe of food stalls in the 90s. Remajah used to be a name for a workshop. I was inspired by the name, so I decided to name my culinary business Mie Ayam Remajah,” he said.

Mie-Ayam-Topping-Rendang-di-Pinggir-Rel-c.jpgMie Ayam Rendang, one of the menus in Mie Ayam Remajah (PHOTO: Documentation of Mie Ayam Remajah/TIMES Indonesia)

Meanwhile, another founder of this restaurant, Misbahul Fuad, did not expect that the location of the food stall, which is near the railway track, would attract many customers. The customers think that this concept is iconic. 


Initially, Misbahul was only looking for an available space for rent to establish his food stall. “Our first food stall was also built near the railway track. Then, we moved to the second location, which is also near the railway track. It turned out that it could be one of our signatures,” he stated. 

Positive Reviews Coming In

The customers gave many reviews on the food and the atmosphere of the location. “We usually ask people that are not included in our target market. We try to introduce our products with the special toppings, and it turns out that they are interested in our food,” he explained.
“Social media has helped us to collect more customers. They are looking for a new atmosphere, so they come to our place, which is near the railway track,” he added. 

This restaurant can sell around 45 to 100 portions of chicken noodle in a day. However, they still cannot make more than 100 portions per day as they need more time to prepare the toppings. 

“Preparing the toppings takes a lot of time, more than 2 hours. That’s why we have to control our serving portions. We usually open at 1 PM until sold out, usually at 7 PM,” the owner of Mie Ayam Remajah stated. (*)

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