Ikan Bakar Madu of Alika Probolinggo Offers such Exotic Taste

Jumat, 03 Februari 2023 - 05:22 | 38.02k
The owner of the restaurant grill the fish. (Photo: Dicko W./TIMES Indonesia)
The owner of the restaurant grill the fish. (Photo: Dicko W./TIMES Indonesia)

TIMESINDONESIA, PROBOLINGGO – If you happened to pass by around Taman Sari, Dringu, Probolinggo, East Java, then you need to stop by at Ikan Bakar Madu of Alika restaurant. This place will pamper your belly with the nice smokey taste of honey grilled fish and the ultimate taste of smoked fish. 

This restaurant has been well known by the local community and most of the regular traveler who pass by in front of this location at least once in a month. The nice distinctive taste has made come back for more. 


This restaurant will be the right place to stop whenever you hear a thunder in your belly while you were driving. The quality of the food kept to at their best to make the customers feel pleased to what they served. 

Warung Alika and Its Signature Dishes

Warung Alika was established by a married couple Wijaya Putra and Rahayu Mulyati. Together they run the business and took a chance from the local fisherman which went home with their catch everyday. There where they get the main ingredients from. 

No wonder that the fish is always fresh which make the taste distinctive from another restaurant. The grill the fish with in two ways, the one coated with honey and one in plain.

For the grilled fish coated with honey, Wijaya will use wild honey he got from the local farmer as well. This will elevate the taste of the salt water living creature and make it has a slight of sweet sensation on your palate. 

Meanwhile for the smoked fish, Wijaya will add nothing and just trusting the fresh flavor of this salt water living being. However it will leave such a savory taste from the smokey fragrance. 

To enjoy these two kind of dishes, Alika restaurant has their very own sambal or chili sauce recipe from sambel korek, sambal tomat, sambal terasi, and sambal dabu-dabu. All these sauces will elevate the taste of the dish and bring it to another level.

The Price and What People Say about the Ikan Bakar Alika

Alika restaurant has several variety of fishes to be grilled. Each of which will cost you IDR 12 K/ounce. Commonly people will spend around IDR15 - 45 K depends on the size of the fish. 

Beside the nice taste, it can't be denied that the customers coming back to this place for its affordable price. Sabarudin, a local customer said that he would never find the same restaurant anywhere else. 

"The price is very affordable. It can't be found anywhere else. Especially Probolinggo was popular with the ocean wealth, and the taste was  splendid," Sabarudin said.   

Supporting this guy, another customer Nizer said that he has been to the restaurant several times when he was on his way to Bali. "This is super good. I was coming from Serang to Bali, I saw the good quality of fish from the road. I also order some more to go. The sauce was amazing," he said. 

Warung Alika of Probolinggo with its Ikan Bakar Madu and grilled fish will make your trip feel more special. If you willing to see their availability you could contact them on +62 828 525 8898 116. (*)

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Editor : Khodijah Siti
Publisher : Sofyan Saqi Futaki