10 Traditional Snacks of Majalengka, Which One is Your Favorite?

Jumat, 21 April 2023 - 00:31 | 49.57k
Traditional snacks from Majalengka. (PHOTO: jurnalistia)
Traditional snacks from Majalengka. (PHOTO: jurnalistia)

TIMESINDONESIA, MAJALENGKA – Majalengka is a regency in the eastern area of West Java. This regency is called ‘Angin’ by the locals, and it is famous for its wide variety of cuisines. Here are some recommended Majalengka’s traditional snacks that you can try while you are visiting this town. 

These traditional snacks are evergreen as they have a very scrumptious taste. In addition to that, these traditional snacks are relatively affordable. You can find these snacks in the traditional markets around Majalengka.  


Top lists of Majalengka’s Traditional Snacks 

1. Surabi

Serabi, which is also known as Surabi Majalengka, is a traditional snack made of rice flour, coconut milk, and shredded coconut. You can find this sweet snack around the villages in Majalengka. This is one of the most everlasting snacks in Majalengka. 

Surabi Majalengka is served in two different versions. The savory version uses fermented oncom and the other one uses egg. Different provinces in Indonesia usually have their own Serabi recipes depending on local taste. 

2. Kue Lapis Sagu

Kue Lapis Sagu is a traditional cake made of tapioca. It is usually known as a steamed layer cake that has different kinds of colors, such as green, white, pink, or any other colors depending on your preference. It has a chewy and sticky texture. To make this cake, you need some tapioca, coconut milk, white sugar, some salt, vanilli, and food colorings. 

3. Bubur Sumsum (Coconut Rice Pudding)

Different provinces in Indonesia have their own version of Bubur Sumsum (coconut rice pudding). Some use liquid palm sugar, some others use coconut milk or sago pearls as the topping. This dessert is relatively affordable, but it can satisfy your hunger and restore your energy. 

4. Klepon

Klepon, which is also known as Kelepon, is a traditional snack made of glutinous rice flour. Its shape is round, green-colored and is filled with molten palm sugar. This snack is famous in Majalengka, as well as in the other provinces in Indonesia. 

5. Kue Putu Mayang

Kue Putu Mayang is an Indonesian traditional dish made of starch or rice flour and coconut milk. This noodle-shaped dish is usually served in three with three different colors, such as green, pink, and white. Usually, it is served with liquid palm sugar and pandan leaves as the topping. 

6. Kue Apem

Kue Apem is also known as Appam. This traditional snack is like Serabi. It is a type of thin pancake made of rice flour. Kue Apem is usually served with thick coconut milk, palm sugar and pandan leaves. 

7. Risol or Risoles

Risol, which is also known as Risoles, is one of the most favorite savory snacks in Indonesia. It is usually baked or deep fried. The filling has savory ingredients, such as minced meat, vegetables, and mayonnaise. 

8. Onde-onde

If you are a sweet tooth, you can try some Onde-onde. Onde-onde has a delicious, sweet taste, and chewy texture. Mostly, Onde-onde has mung bean paste filling. The mung bean filling is rich in carbohydrates and vitamin B that are good for your health. 

9. French Fries

French fries can be easily made at home. You can buy some fresh potatoes or frozen French Fries to cook at home to satisfy your hunger instantly. To make it tastier, you can add some spicy, sweet, or salty seasonings. 

10. Jelly and Pudding

Chocolate pudding is good for improving the digestive system, especially for those who are suffering from constipation. Pudding is a good source of fiber that can help maintain the digestive system. Jelly can also be a good alternative for pudding. Making jelly is easier than making pudding. 

Those are the top 10 recommended Majalengka’s traditional snacks with delightful taste and affordable prices for you to try. (*)

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Editor : Khodijah Siti
Publisher : Satria Bagus