Exploring the Mystical Effects of Pekiringan Spring Water in Banyuwangi

Selasa, 07 November 2023 - 02:02 | 32.15k
The local fetch water from Pekiringan. (Photo: Anggara Cahya /TIMES Indonesia)
The local fetch water from Pekiringan. (Photo: Anggara Cahya /TIMES Indonesia)

TIMESINDONESIA, BANYUWANGI – Nestled along the riverbanks in the serene village of Sumbersari, Srono District, Banyuwangi, East JAva, Indonesia lies a hidden gem that has attracted both locals and visitors for generations. This laceis so called the Pekiringan Spring Water.

Susiono, the custodian and landowner of this natural spring, shares intriguing tales of its pristine waters and the unique beliefs associated with it. And lots of people thought that Pekiringan Spring Water is revered not just for its exceptional purity but also for the perceived beauty-enhancing qualities it holds.

For Eternal Youth

Many, not only from Srono but from afar, venture to this source in pursuit of its refreshing and crystal-clear waters. They believe that washing their faces with this pristine water or even performing a head rinse at the spring brings forth the radiance of their skin.

"Young women often collect water from this source, sometimes washing their faces and pouring the water over their heads into containers with sheer enthusiasm," he said. 

This age-old belief in the spring's transformative effects on one's appearance continues to captivate the imagination of those who visit.

A Medication Elixir

Nevertheless, the benefits of Pekiringan Spring Water extend far beyond the realm of aesthetics. Susiono once witnessed a family bringing a sick relative to collect water from the spring. They claimed that after consuming water from Pekiringan, their ailments seemed to subside, leaving them feeling invigorated and revitalized.

"I once asked someone who brought a sick person here, and they told me that after drinking from Pekiringan, their body felt lighter, and their condition improved. So, they have made it a regular practice to fetch water from here," he  conveyed. 

This unwavering belief in the restorative properties of Pekiringan Spring Water draws visitors from various regions, including Gambiran, Singojuruh, Genteng, and neighboring villages. It is common for them to carry home multiple 5-gallon containers filled with this precious elixir.

This place has been a longstanding family legacy, passed down to Susiono by his father before his passing in 2016. Remarkably, the water is accessible for personal consumption by anyone without charge, but it must not be sold for profit.

A Company Interested in the Spring

Notably, this hidden gem garnered the attention of a local beverage company that offered approximately 100 million Indonesian Rupiahs for the rights to the spring water.

In the name of community well-being, Susiono graciously declined this lucrative offer. Laboratory tests have revealed that the water from Pekiringan Spring is not only safe but also exceptionally pure for drinking.

Despite efforts to make Pekiringan Spring Water available through pipelines and storage tanks, many visitors continue to opt for the direct source, believing it possesses superior qualities.

However, Susiono firmly opposes any rituals or offerings at the spring that might disrupt the sanctity of the source. He recalls an incident when someone attempted to sanctify the spring with incense, resin, and flowers, to which he promptly objected, as he understood the potential negative repercussions.

Pekiringan Spring Water remains a testament to the enduring mysteries and reverence of natural springs, preserving a tradition that enthralls both the curious traveler and the local faithful in the heart of Banyuwangi.(*)

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