Exploring Tanggedu and Waimarang Waterfalls: Nature's Hidden Charms in East Sumba

Sabtu, 18 November 2023 - 06:11 | 84.53k
The scenic view of Tanggedu waterfall of East Sumba. (Photo: Zahrasrtn/Wikipedia)
The scenic view of Tanggedu waterfall of East Sumba. (Photo: Zahrasrtn/Wikipedia)

TIMESINDONESIA, SUMBA TIMUR – East Sumba, a lesser-explored gem in Indonesia, houses two captivating waterfalls that promise not only natural beauty but also an adventure for those willing to tread off the beaten path. Tanggedu and Waimarang Waterfalls, though relatively secluded, boast unique features that make them a must-visit for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike.

Tanggedu Waterfall: The Grand Canyon of East Sumba

Situated in the northern region of Tanggedu Village, Kanatang Subdistrict, Tanggedu Waterfall emerges as a picturesque escape from the hustle and bustle. The journey from Waingapu City, approximately 48 km away, might pose a challenge with its rocky paths, but the reward is undoubtedly worth the trek.

Standing at a modest height of 9 meters, Tanggedu may not rival the giants like Niagara Falls, but it brings forth its own charm. The white rock formations create a stunning backdrop for the crystal-clear river, providing a serene setting for visitors. The 45-minute trek is an adventure in itself, offering panoramic views of the hillsides and the melodious songs of birds echoing through the surroundings.

"It's the miniaturized ambiance that makes Tanggedu waterfall a preferred choice among tourists," Herman, a local guide, noted.

Waimarang Waterfall: Nature's Symphony in Umalulu Village

Venturing further into the heart of East Sumba, Umalulu Village reveals the enchanting Waimarang Waterfall. Located in Umalulu Subdistrict, the journey from Waingapu City takes about 1 hour and 40 minutes, leading travelers to a destination that holds a unique charm.

Waimarang, also known as La Winnu Waterfall, derives its name from the betel palm tree (pohon pinang) above it in the local language. The waterfall is nestled within a large basin-like cliff, offering three pools of varying depths.

The cascading flow from the natural pools above, emerging through the crevices of the cliffs, creates a captivating scene. The tiered structure, coupled with the beautiful rock surroundings, makes Waimarang a frequent choice for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike.

"The uniqueness of Waimarang lies in its cascading flow from natural pools above, emerging through the crevices of the cliffs. The tiered structure and the beautiful rock surroundings make this waterfall a captivating spot that attracts tourists regularly," he emphasized.

Both Tanggedu and Waimarang Waterfalls offer more than just scenic beauty. They represent a call to adventure, inviting travelers to explore the untouched corners of East Sumba. As these hidden gems gain recognition, they stand as testaments to the diverse and captivating landscapes that Indonesia has to offer, making them a valuable addition to any nature lover's bucket list. (*)

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