Innovative Twist: Starfruit Abon Turns Waste into Delicious Flossy Treat

Sabtu, 09 Desember 2023 - 03:31 | 26.80k
Dysta Widianwari with Starfruit Abon or floss in her hands. (PHOTO: Dok/Kurangga Seta)
Dysta Widianwari with Starfruit Abon or floss in her hands. (PHOTO: Dok/Kurangga Seta)

TIMESINDONESIA, BLITAR – In a commendable initiative aimed at reducing food waste and boosting the local economy, a team of four Agribusiness students from Unisba Blitar has made significant strides with their innovative creation, Starfruit Abon or Starfruit floss.

The enterprising individuals, namely Kurangga Seta, Dysta Widianwari, Bima Ariya Dermawan, and Titis Wijiawati, have not only demonstrated their creativity but also their commitment to addressing sustainability challenges within their community.

This team of Agribusiness students embarked on this project with a vision to transform fallen starfruit, often overlooked and deemed unsellable, into a delectable and marketable snack – abon.

The unique qualities of the starfruit, coupled with their dedication to minimizing food wastage, have culminated in the development of Starfruit Abon, offering a win-win solution by creating a delightful product while contributing positively to the local agricultural economy.

Kurangga Seta, the brainchild behind this innovative venture, shared that the inspiration struck after recognizing the untapped potential of starfruit in their surroundings, particularly the discarded ones that were typically overlooked.

"We had the idea to utilize fallen starfruit, usually deemed unsellable, and transform it into a popular processed food – floss," he said (7/12/2023).

The starfruit used in this venture is sourced from local farmers in Kota Blitar, a strategic effort by the team to bolster the economic prospects of starfruit farmers in the vicinity.

The production process involves several key steps. First, the starfruit undergoes thorough cleaning to remove any impurities. Subsequently, the cleaned starfruit is shredded or ground to facilitate the extraction of its pulp. Following this, the starfruit pulp is steamed for approximately 10 minutes and then drained.

The steamed pulp is then seasoned to infuse flavor into the abon. The next step involves frying until it takes on a delightful golden-brown hue. But the process doesn't stop there; the finished starfruit abon must be placed in a spinner to minimize the oil content from the frying process before it is ready to be savored.

Remarkably, the production of Starfruit Abon requires only a single day, showcasing the efficiency and dedication of Kurangga and his team. Regarding marketing, Kurangga mentioned that they have initiated promotion through UMKM (Small and Medium Enterprises) events, both within and outside the campus.

"At the moment, we are primarily marketing it through UMKM bazaars, both within and outside the campus," he explained, revealing their strategic approach to introducing this innovative snack to a broader audience.

As they continue to gain recognition, Starfruit Abon not only transforms discarded starfruit into a delectable treat but also becomes a beacon of sustainable and inventive food practices. This starfruit floss will be the best companion during your meal time. (*)

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Editor : Khodijah Siti
Publisher : Rizal Dani


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