Pacitan Agate: Preserving Tradition and Prosperity in Stone

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Yongki, the local's agate lovers of Pacitan. (Photo: Yusuf Arifai/TIMES Indonesia)
Yongki, the local's agate lovers of Pacitan. (Photo: Yusuf Arifai/TIMES Indonesia)

TIMESINDONESIA, PACITAN – In the quaint town of Pacitan, a man named Yongki has woven his life into the intricate world of Pacitan Agate. It has been a tradition that dates back to thousands of years ago.

Residing in Pacitan but originally from Kediri, Yongki has been immersed in the world of agate since the early 2000s. Adorning his fingers with a diverse collection of these mesmerizing stones has become an iconic lifestyle of him since then.

For Yongki, the love for agate goes beyond personal adornment. It is deeply rooted in the traditions and culture of Pacitan. The stones are more than just accessories, they represent a legacy that he is keen on preserving. His dedication to this cause even earned him the title of champion in the Pacitan Agate competition organized by PLUT Pacitan in 2014.

"I love agate because it's a tradition and culture in Pacitan. I want to contribute to its preservation," Yongki shared a story at his home in Desa Bangunsari.

A Collection of Wonders

Yongki boasts an impressive array of agates, including badar lumut, bacan, black fossil, obsidian, badar besi, borneo, and kantong mas. His belief in the mystical properties of kantong mas agate, known for supposedly attracting prosperity, is evident.

"This kantong mas agate has brought me a lot of prosperity. It contains gold dust," he explained confidently.

Yongki's commitment to his collection goes beyond its material worth. Despite being offered a handsome sum for one of his prized agates, he declined, opting to keep it for himself. For him, the stones hold a certain blessing that goes beyond monetary value.

"It was once offered a high price by someone, but I refused because I want to use it myself. It brings blessings," he added.

Challenges and Hopes

While Yongki acknowledges a decline in the current interest in agates, with earnings dropping from Rp15 million per hour in the past, he remains steadfast in preserving his collection. He hopes that there are still individuals who share his passion and might be interested in acquiring pieces from his distinguished collection.

"Although the interest has waned, the collection is still there. If someone is interested, I would sell it because I once had a reputation, having won the agate class in the Pacitan Regency," he explained.

The Legacy of Pacitan Agate

Pacitan Agate has gained renown not only for its captivating colors but also for its rich history, believed to have existed for thousands of years. With variations like Bacan, Kalimaya, Kecubung, Giok, Fosil, Jesper, and the ever-popular Kalsedon, Pacitan Agate holds a special place in the hearts of locals.

For many, Pacitan Agate is not just a piece of jewelry. It is a source of belief and authority for its owners. A testament to artistic heritage and ancestral traditions, the stone continues to thrive, undeterred by the passage of time. It stands as a symbol of cultural resilience and the timeless beauty found in the heart of Pacitan. (*)

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