PPI Polandia, Athan Cup 2024: Indonesian Badminton Competition in Warsaw

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The champion of Athan Cup PPI Polandia take a moment for picture after the game. (Photo: PPI Polandia)
The champion of Athan Cup PPI Polandia take a moment for picture after the game. (Photo: PPI Polandia)

TIMESINDONESIA, JAKARTA – More than 30 badminton teams competed in the Atase Pertahanan (Athan) Cup 2024 held by PPI Polandia in Warsaw, Saturday (27/4/2024). The teams were divided into three categories: Men's Doubles, Women's Doubles, and Mixed Doubles. This annual event is aimed at fostering nationalism and love for the homeland.

"Even though we are far from our homeland, as Indonesian citizens abroad, we must continue to produce positive works," said Anita Luhulima, the Indonesian Ambassador to Poland, in her address.

By collaborating with the Indonesian Student Association (PPI) in Poland, Anita also hoped that this event could serve as a training ground for Indonesian students in managing an event.

The badminton teams competing in the Athan Cup 2024 came from various cities in Poland, including Poznan, Krakow, and Katowice. Agung Wardhana, the Chairman of the Athan Cup Committee, stated that although the target of 32 teams was not reached, the enthusiasm of Indonesian citizens in Poland to participate in the Athan Cup was quite high, especially among students.

"The target was 32 teams. Although it's not 100 percent yet, hopefully next year more will participate because this will become a rotating trophy," explained Agung.

The event, held at the Solec Sport Centre and Recreation in Warsaw, was attended not only by teams and officials but also by Indonesian residents in Poland. Nadia, an Indonesian student in Poland, said she came to witness the excitement of the event. "I came for fun and to meet friends," said Nadia.

On the other hand, Malika attended because she enjoys watching badminton matches. "The competition is quite exciting to watch, even though the players are not professional athletes. Especially during the finals," said Malika.

Here are the winners of the Athan Cup 2024 in Warsaw:

Women's Doubles

1st Place: Melanie Go and Nansi Andani
2nd Place: Titin Sumarni Gerstel and Sylvia Triady
3rd Place: Neisha Nathania and Pandan Arum
Men's Doubles

1st Place: I Made Sandhi Artha Wangiyana and Iis Nurhidayanti
2nd Place: Frantu Muwardi and Nansi Andani
3rd Place: Randy Sugiartha and Titin Sumarni Gerstel
Mixed Doubles

1st Place: I Made Sandhi Artha Wangiyana and Doddy Darmawan
2nd Place: Hiraldo Egidius and Ade Fajrian
3rd Place: Randy Sugiartha and Torana Arya Gasica

The Athan Cup 2024 in Warsaw, Poland, was not just a badminton tournament but also a gathering of Indonesian citizens abroad, promoting unity and sportsmanship among participants. With hopes for even greater participation in the future, this event which was conducted by PPI Polandia serves as a testament to the Indonesian spirit thriving beyond borders. (*)

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