Ampok: From Humble Beginnings of Milled Corn to Household Staple

Minggu, 12 Mei 2024 - 05:47 | 11.61k
Sri Gati with ampok on her hands. (Photo: Bambang Cahyono/TIMES Indonesia)
Sri Gati with ampok on her hands. (Photo: Bambang Cahyono/TIMES Indonesia)

TIMESINDONESIA, JOMBANGAmpok, or milled corn, has transitioned from a humble ingredient to a household staple, thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of Sri Gati. Her journey began in 2023 when she recognized the untapped potential of corn as an alternative to traditional rice, especially during times of high rice prices.

Starting with small-scale production and sales within her community, Sri Gati's business steadily gained momentum as word spread about the health benefits and affordability of ampok. What started as a means to help her brother market milled corn soon evolved into a thriving enterprise of her own.

Driven by a passion for providing healthier food options, Sri Gati expanded her operations to meet the growing demand. By early 2023, she was supplying ampok to neighboring villages, local markets, and nearby stores.


The turning point came when Sri Gati embraced modern marketing strategies, leveraging social media and personal connections to reach a wider audience. Through WhatsApp and social media platforms, she made her ampok accessible to customers beyond Jombang, catering to a growing market of health-conscious consumers.

A pack of her product will only vost you for IDR 2 K or around $0.1. "It's rich in fiber and good for those with diabetes," Sri said. 

Today, Sri Gati's ampok is available in various packaging options, from individual servings to family packs, making it convenient for households of all sizes. Despite its growing popularity, Sri Gati has kept the price affordable, ensuring that her nutritious alternative remains accessible to all.

Through her dedication and innovation, Sri Gati has not only transformed the culinary landscape of Jombang but has also provided a solution to the challenge of expensive and unhealthy dietary choices.

Ampok has become more than just a food product; it's a symbol of resilience, ingenuity, and a commitment to healthier living. And at the heart of it all is Sri Gati, whose business journey mirrors the rise of milled corn as a beloved staple food in homes across the region. (*)

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Editor : Khodijah Siti
Publisher : Sofyan Saqi Futaki


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