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The Impact of Heat on Hajj 2024 Pilgrims in Makkah: Health Concerns and Precautions

Kamis, 30 Mei 2024 - 05:29 | 17.04k
The professional at Health Clinic doing his job and examines the patient. (Photo: MCH 2024 Kemenag RI)
The professional at Health Clinic doing his job and examines the patient. (Photo: MCH 2024 Kemenag RI)

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TIMESINDONESIA, MAKKAH – As the Hajj 2024 goes, the extreme heat in Makkah is posing significant health risks for Indonesian pilgrims. Dr. Enny Nuryanti, head of the Indonesian Hajj Health Clinic (KKHI) in Makkah, reported that temperatures in the region are currently averaging between 39-43 degrees Celsius. This intense heat is contributing to a rise in health issues, particularly respiratory diseases.

Health Risks Associated with Extreme Heat

The scorching temperatures are a major concern for pilgrims, especially for those from cooler climates. Dr. Enny highlighted that pneumonia is a common illness among the pilgrims, often stemming from upper respiratory infections (URIs) or acute respiratory infections (ARIs), which are exacerbated by the high temperatures. The crowded conditions during the pilgrimage further facilitate the spread of these infections.

Preventive Measures and Recommendations

To mitigate these health risks, Dr. Enny advised pilgrims to consistently wear masks, especially in crowded areas and during non-mandatory rituals. This is particularly crucial for elderly pilgrims, who are more susceptible to infections due to their weakened immune systems. 

Dr. Enny also emphasized the importance of maintaining overall health through proper nutrition and hydration. She recommended the consumption of vitamins, nutritious food, and oral rehydration solutions (ORS) to prevent dehydration. Adequate rest and refraining from smoking are also crucial for sustaining good health during the pilgrimage.

Current Health Statistics and Care

The KKHI in Makkah is actively providing medical care to the pilgrims. Currently, 57 pilgrims are hospitalized due to three main health issues: pneumonia, digestive problems (dyspepsia), and dementia. Additionally, since May 20, 2024, the clinic has treated 137 outpatients, with the majority being elderly. Pneumonia remains the most prevalent condition, followed by hypertension and dementia.

Ongoing Health Education and Support

In an effort to prevent further health issues, KKHI Makkah is continuously educating pilgrims on the importance of health maintenance during the pilgrimage. Measures such as wearing masks, practicing hand hygiene, and avoiding crowded places are strongly encouraged to reduce the risk of disease transmission.

Dr. Enny’s closing advice for all pilgrims is to stay vigilant about their health to ensure a smooth and focused Hajj 2024 experience. By following these precautions and staying informed, pilgrims can better protect themselves against the challenges posed by the extreme heat in Makkah. (*)

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