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Visa Violations During Hajj 2024: A Crucial Advisory for Indonesian Pilgrims

Senin, 03 Juni 2024 - 03:22 | 13.41k
The Indonesia pilgrims leaving Madinah for Makkah. (Photo: MCH 2024/KEMENAG RI)
The Indonesia pilgrims leaving Madinah for Makkah. (Photo: MCH 2024/KEMENAG RI)

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TIMESINDONESIA, JAKARTA – Consul General Yusron B. Ambary has issued an important statement on behalf of the Saudi Arabian government regarding significant violations of Hajj 2024 visa regulations. These violations have reportedly involved approximately 20,000 individuals within Saudi Arabia.

While specific data concerning the number of Indonesian violators remains unavailable, such information can only be acquired through special requests and is not publicly disclosed. The responsibility for handling these cases rests solely with Saudi Arabian immigration authorities.

Ambary emphasized the importance of this issue for the Indonesian public, particularly prospective Hajj pilgrims. "It is crucial for the Indonesian public, especially prospective Hajj pilgrims, to take this as a lesson," he stated on Friday, May 31, 2024.

In response to these issues, the Indonesian government has been continuously working to improve Hajj services each year by offering various types of legitimate Hajj visas. These include:

1. Regular and special Hajj visas through the Ministry of Religious Affairs (Kemenag).
2. Hajj visas issued by the Saudi Arabian Embassy.
3. Invitation visas specifically for worship.

Pilgrims who utilize these authorized visas are entitled to receive a Tasreh, an official permit that allows them to perform Hajj. However, Ambary highlighted that other types of visas, such as pilgrimage visas, visit visas, and other non-Hajj specific visas, are not valid for performing Hajj.

To safeguard the interests and welfare of Indonesian pilgrims, the public is strongly advised against being lured by offers of cheap and unofficial Hajj packages. Such offers, while seemingly attractive, can lead to significant issues, including the possibility of not being able to perform Hajj despite having paid a substantial amount of money.

Ambary stressed, "This warning is essential to ensure a safe and legitimate departure for performing Hajj." He urged all prospective pilgrims to adhere strictly to the official channels and procedures established by the government to avoid any potential complications or legal issues during their pilgrimage.

The Indonesian government remains committed to enhancing the Hajj experience for all pilgrims by ensuring that they have access to legitimate and authorized services. This commitment includes educating the public about the risks associated with unauthorized Hajj packages and reinforcing the importance of using the correct visas.

In conclusion, Ambary’s advisory serves as a vital reminder to all Indonesian Hajj 2024 pilgrims to be vigilant and to prioritize the legitimacy and safety of their pilgrimage arrangements. By doing so, they can ensure a smoother, more secure, and spiritually fulfilling Hajj experience. (*)

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