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Enhancing Hajj 2024 Services for Elderly and Disabled Pilgrims

Minggu, 16 Juni 2024 - 05:15 | 15.52k
Indonesian pilgrims in Saudi Arabia. (Photo: MCH 2024 Kemenag RI)
Indonesian pilgrims in Saudi Arabia. (Photo: MCH 2024 Kemenag RI)

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TIMESINDONESIA, MAKKAH – The Ministry of Religious Affairs (Kemenag) of Indonesia is making significant strides in improving services for elderly and disabled Hajj 2024 pilgrims. This year, several initiatives have been introduced to ensure a smooth journey from Indonesia to the Holy Land.

Positive Feedback and Remaining Challenges

During a visit to Makkah, Deputy Chair of the National Commission on Disabilities (KND), Deka Kurniawan, observed firsthand the implementation of the Elderly and Disabled-Friendly Hajj Program. He received positive feedback from several disabled pilgrims regarding the improved services.

Aura, a visually impaired pilgrim, expressed her gratitude: "Alhamdulillah, from departure to arrival at the accommodation, I have received extra attention."

Despite the positive feedback, Deka identified several challenges that need addressing, such as the need for better data collection of disabled pilgrims and the lack of adequate facilities in key Hajj locations. For instance, Farhan, another visually impaired pilgrim, mentioned difficulties in finding guiding blocks at Masjid Nabawi and Masjidil Haram.

Acknowledgment and Future Plans

Arsad Hidayat, Director of Hajj Development, acknowledged the areas beyond Kemenag's control, particularly those related to Saudi Arabian policies. Nevertheless, the ministry's efforts to enhance services for elderly and disabled pilgrims have been widely appreciated.

"The efforts by Kemenag deserve recognition. The elderly and disabled-friendly Hajj services this year are commendable," said Deka.

Kemenag's ongoing improvements and special programs highlight its strong commitment to ensuring the safety and comfort of elderly and disabled Hajj 2024 pilgrims. While challenges remain, these positive developments are expected to continue and improve in the years ahead. (*)

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