Exploring the Enchanting Tourist Villages of East Sumba

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Glooming sunrise at Watuparunu Beach, East Sumba. (Photo: @tehsusu via tripsumba)
Glooming sunrise at Watuparunu Beach, East Sumba. (Photo: @tehsusu via tripsumba)

TIMESINDONESIA, SUMBAEast Sumba, an island steeped in tradition and natural splendor, is increasingly becoming a hotspot for tourism. Visitors are drawn to its serene landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and the welcoming spirit of its communities.

Among the many gems scattered across this region, four tourist villages stand out for their unique allure and diverse attractions. These villages offer a glimpse into the heart of Sumba's traditions, from intricate weaving techniques to breathtaking natural scenery, providing an immersive experience that captivates every traveler.

1. Watuhadang Village

Located in Umalulu District, Watuhadang Village spans an impressive 7,050 hectares. This village is renowned for its lush landscapes and cultural wealth. One of its most prized traditions is the art of weaving.

The local artisans take great pride in their intricate ikat weavings, preserving a craft that has been passed down through generations. Watuhadang's expansive savannahs and rolling hills create a picturesque backdrop, making it a perfect destination for nature enthusiasts.

2. Kaliuda Village

In the Pahunga Lodu District lies Kaliuda Village, another hub of traditional ikat weaving. Kaliuda is famed for its vibrant textiles, which are a testament to the villagers' skill and dedication.

Besides its weaving heritage, the village is known for the Tandening savannah, a popular venue for horse racing, and the Purru La Mananga ritual in Kamarru village. These cultural and natural attractions make Kaliuda a must-visit for those interested in Sumba's rich traditions and scenic landscapes.

3. Mondu Village

Situated in the Kanatang District, Mondu Village boasts a variety of attractions. The traditional Prainatang village and the ikat weaving processes in Mondu are significant cultural highlights. Nature lovers can explore Tanggedu Waterfall, Kapihak Beach, and Purru Kambera Beach, each offering stunning views and serene environments.

The savannahs in Mondu are ideal for photography, pre-wedding shoots, and horseback riding. An intriguing feature of this village is the "dancing horse" which performs to the rhythm of traditional music, adding a unique charm to the local culture.

4. Laijanji Village

Laijanji Village, located in the Wulla Wejelu District, offers three main attractions: Watuparunnu Beach, Kalala Beach, and Wulla Beach. Watuparunnu Beach is particularly famous for its stunning rock formations, with its name meaning "pierced rock".

"The beach's breathtaking sea views make it a popular spot for family outings," The Head of the Tourism Marketing Division of the East Sumba Regency Tourism and Culture Office, Yudi Umbu T.T Rawambaku said on Saturday (6/7/2024)

In addition to this place, Kalala Beach is known for its excellent surfing conditions while Wulla Beach provides a serene setting for fishing. These coastal attractions ensure that Laijanji offers something for every kind of traveler.

Each of these villages in East Sumba presents a unique blend of natural beauty and cultural richness. Whether you are exploring the vast savannahs, witnessing traditional weaving, or enjoying the coastal landscapes, East Sumba's tourist villages promise an unforgettable experience. (*)

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