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Experience Ultimate Local Javanese Heritage at Hotel Tugu Blitar

Jumat, 24 November 2023 - 14:04 | 31.83k
Hotel Tugu Blitar is housed in a graceful whitewashed building from the Dutch colonial era. (FOTO: AJP TIMES Indonesia)
Hotel Tugu Blitar is housed in a graceful whitewashed building from the Dutch colonial era. (FOTO: AJP TIMES Indonesia)

TIMESINDONESIA, MALANG – Blitar is probably the best-kept secret gem of Java - a small, nostalgic town with traditional markets, an old town-square ‘Alun-Alun’, and ‘becaks’ the tricycle tuk-tuk’s, where time has stood still since the first half of 20th century. This cultural history becomes the main consideration Hotel Tugu Blitar laid in the city. 

Once the location of the capital of the Majapahit Kingdom, Blitar is surrounded by ruins of temples and shrines, among which is the largest Hindu temple complex in East Java, the Candi Penataran. 

The road between Malang and Blitar is dotted with beautiful rice fields and Javanese countryside life, and around Blitar there is hectares of coffee plantations and beautiful unspoilt beaches are not yet been discovered by international tourism. And there is no home more intimate and relaxing to return to after a cultural day of sightseeing than Hotel Tugu Blitar.

Hotel Tugu Blitar is housed in a graceful whitewashed building from the Dutch colonial era, characterized by a long driveway to the entrance. Not to mention the beautiful art-deco hanging lamps, lines of old photographs, high ceilings, and giant tall pillars along the entire front façade. 

Built in the 1850s, historically Hotel Tugu Blitar was called Hotel Zentrum, which was known as the oldest hotel in Indonesia. During the beginning of the 21st century, the building was lovingly renovated in its smallest detail.


Hotel Tugu Blitar features the Sang Fajar Suite as a tribute paid to the late first president and proclamator of independence of Indonesia, Soekarno. This beautiful, spacious suite with a separate living room and bedroom, a grand Javanese presidential bed, art-deco antique furniture, old memorabilia, and photographs of the late president. 

Tugu Suites are spacious, dominated by timeless romance, large canopied beds, and authentic East Javanese flair, with a beautiful outdoor bath and old terrazzo tiles. Both the Sang Fajar Suite and the Tugu Suites have hosted rows of presidents and ministers of Indonesia in recent years.

The hotel’s Colony Restaurant serves the best dining in town, ranging from authentic traditional Indonesian, Chinese and Continental cuisines, and has received awards for its consistent quality of food and hospitality. The restaurant features a strong air of romantic Dutch colonial plantations in Java in the late 19th century. 


Waroeng Tugu Blitar, a traditional Javanese streetside eatery is a popular meeting point in the late afternoon sun, where guests gather for afternoon tea. A traditional Javanese–style stall featuring a variety of traditional snacks and cakes as well as fresh local teas, coffees, or herbal drinks. 

The Waroeng is attended by Mbah Man, a sweet old Javanese man in traditional clothing with his warm, wholehearted toothless smile. Mbah Man, now more than 80 years old, has worked at the hotel since he was a young boy.

To get to Blitar is a 1.5-hour drive from Malang and a 3-hour drive from Surabaya airport through picturesque natural landscapes of ricefields and East Javanese villages. The hotel arranges transfers and very interesting tours of the area.

For more information about Hotel Tugu Blitar and reservation, don't hesitate to reach us at (0342) 801766.  Or,  through social media Instagram @hoteltugublitar and give a visit to our official website at

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Publisher : Rochmat Shobirin


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