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PT Kreatif Dinamika Integrasi Wins Prestigious Microsoft Country Partner of the Year Award

Selasa, 02 Juli 2024 - 13:22 | 20.77k
Presiden Direktur PT Kreatif Dinamika Integrasi Galib Machri (kiri) sekaligus Founder PT Kreatif Dinamika Integrasi bersama dengan Monica Dewi (tengah) dan Hendrik (kanan). (Foto: Kreatif)
Presiden Direktur PT Kreatif Dinamika Integrasi Galib Machri (kiri) sekaligus Founder PT Kreatif Dinamika Integrasi bersama dengan Monica Dewi (tengah) dan Hendrik (kanan). (Foto: Kreatif)

TIMESINDONESIA, JAKARTA – PT Kreatif Dinamika Integrasi (Kreatif), a Microsoft Solution Partner and member of the MultiIntegra Technology Group, is proud to announce that it has been recognized as a Microsoft Country Partner of the Year for 2024.

This prestigious award honors Kreatif's exceptional contributions to the technology industry and its unwavering commitment to delivering innovative Microsoft-based solutions to clients across Indonesia and the ASEAN region.

The Microsoft Partners of the Year awards celebrate the outstanding achievements of Microsoft partners worldwide. This year's competition saw higher competition, with over 1,200 entries from Asia alone. Kreatif's award win stands out amongst these inspiring stories of innovation and customer impact.

“The Country Partner of the Year award bestowed upon Kreatif underscores the company's unwavering commitment to providing outstanding technology solutions and services to its clients since its founding in 2012,” says Galib Machri, President Director and one of three Founders of PT Kreatif Dinamika Integrasi, along with Monica Dewi and Hendrik, who also serve as directors.
This recognition is a testament to Kreatif's dedication to several key areas:

  1. Delivering innovative and effective Microsoft-based solutions
  2. Maintaining the highest standards of service and customer support
  3. Employing a team of highly skilled and certified professionals

“This achievement would not have been possible without the dedication and hard work of every team member,” said Aloys Sutarto, President Commissioner of PT Kreatif Dinamika Integrasi. He also extended his gratitude to Microsoft Indonesia for this remarkable recognition.

Building a Sustainable Future with Technology

Kreatif-2.jpgPara karyawan PT Kreatif Dinamika Integrasi (Kreatif) nerayakan keberhasilan PT Krreatif meraih penghargaan Country Partner of the Year yang diterima dari Microsoft.

PT Kreatif Dinamika Integrasi envisions itself as a partner for customer success in the ever-evolving technological landscape. The company's mission is to empower clients not only to adopt emerging technologies but also leverage them to create a more sustainable, resilient, and inclusive society.

Kreatif achieves this by harnessing the full potential of Microsoft Cloud, including cutting-edge solutions like AI and Copilot. This focus on innovation delivers transformative products across various industries, including healthcare, education, retail, manufacturing, and mining. Recognizing the critical role of healthcare and education in Indonesia's development, Kreatif has made significant investments in integrating cloud-to-edge technology to revolutionize these vital areas.

Kreatif's commitment to the Microsoft partnership goes beyond the award win. Proactive relationship management, continuous upskilling initiatives for their team, and strategic use of metrics ensure a thriving collaboration that ultimately benefits their clients.

About PT Kreatif Dinamika Integrasi (Kreatif)

PT Kreatif Dinamika Integrasi (Kreatif) is a leading technology company and Microsoft Solution Partner. As part of the MultiIntegra Technology Group, Kreatif offers a comprehensive suite of IT solutions and services for businesses of all sizes. With a team of experts and a commitment to excellence, Kreatif empowers its clients to achieve their business goals through innovative technology. (*)

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