Pilgrimage: An Intimate Worship of Moslem Spiritual Journey

Senin, 03 Juni 2024 - 14:28 | 19.13k
Uzlifatul Masruroh Isnawati, Dosen Universitas Islam Lamongan
Uzlifatul Masruroh Isnawati, Dosen Universitas Islam Lamongan

TIMESINDONESIA, LAMONGAN – This season, in 2024 during the Hajj season, moslems across the world performing pilgrimage as part of the last Five Pillars of Islam or, so called Rukun Islam in Bahasa.

There are always priceless moment moslems might experience behind this spiritual journey. In this article, some views are highlighted in the perspective of the writer as an Indonesian who is now experiencing pilgrimage. Those three categories are the pilgrimage 'calling' what so called the planning, the implementing time, and the 'after' as the reflection. 

In general, as people have already familiar with, moslems are challenged considering the high price for registering pilgrimage. It is such a long investment which not everyone could afford. Additionally, they also face a long-listed queue among others. During those awaited time, they should work hard to pay the full payment otherwise, they lost that chance. I believe this pre moment pilgrimage is a way to challenge  how strong their intention in making their spiritual dream come true. 

Meanwhile, it comes at the implementing phase. After a long waiting time, I believe moslems consider to do their best in performing the worship activities. They won't waste any seconds, but worshiping. In other words, all the worship activities they have prepared they would do their best to accomplish. 

They read all the manuscripts, the Dua,the rules and the practices in performing Hajj respectively. To mention some,  many people stay at the Masjidil Haram to perform 5 times prayers to get what so called Arbain with all its priceless rewards as Allah has promised.

They also engaged themselves to visit Rawdha where they could deliver prayers and best wishes, besides of course the enthusiastically visit the beloved prophet Muhammad SAW cemetary. They also try to recite Al Quran and finish it as many as possible. 

They voluntarily stay at the mosque doing the worship,praying, delivering good wishes and waiting for 5 prayers. The beliefs they cope in mind and the practices meet beautifully. This indicates  that they know what they are doing and they expect nothing,but the blessings from Allah SWT. 

And the final part, after completing all the pilgrimage rituals, the moslems return to their countries after having priceless moment spiritual experience. It is expected that the worship activities they have completed during the pilgrimage would uplift them as exemplary Moslem and lead them to the gracious path human being as well.


*) Oleh : Uzlifatul Masruroh Isnawati, Dosen Universitas Islam Lamongan.

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