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Kemenag RI Shares Worship Tips at the Prophet's Mosque

Selasa, 14 Mei 2024 - 03:28 | 13.38k
The Head of the Public Relations, Data, and Information Bureau (HDI) Akhmad Fauzin. (Photo: Kemenag RI)
The Head of the Public Relations, Data, and Information Bureau (HDI) Akhmad Fauzin. (Photo: Kemenag RI)

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TIMESINDONESIA, JAKARTAKemenag RI has sent thousands of Indonesian Muslims to Madinah for their sacred journey, the revered second city for Islam's faithful. The first contingent of Hajj pilgrims began their gradual departure from various embarkation points across Indonesia to the Holy Land (12/5/2024).

By 9:00 PM local time in Saudi Arabia (SAT), or 01:00 AM Indonesian Western Time (WIB) on May 12, 2024, an estimated 4,500 pilgrims had landed at Madinah's Amir Muhammad bin Abdul Aziz Airport (AMAA), arriving in 11 flight groups.

During their stay in Madinah, pilgrims will engage in worship at the Prophet's Mosque and visit significant historical sites before proceeding to Makkah.

The Indonesian Ministry of Religious Affairs (Kemenag RI), led by the Head of the Public Relations, Data, and Information Bureau (HDI) Akhmad Fauzin, has provided invaluable guidance for pilgrims as they leave their accommodations to worship at the Prophet's Mosque.

Worship Tips at the Prophet's Mosque

  1. Record Hotel Details: It's essential to note down the name and contact information of your hotel to facilitate easy return if you become lost.
  2. Share PPIH Contact: Inform your family or friends of the contact number for the Hajj Organizer Officials (PPIH) at your hotel. Additionally, store this number on your mobile device.
  3. Wear Identification: Always wear your pilgrim's bracelet as a means of identification and refrain from exchanging bracelets with other pilgrims.
  4. Travel in Groups: To avoid getting lost, travel to and from the Prophet's Mosque in organized groups.
  5. Hydration and Moisturizing: Combat the effects of hot weather by regularly applying skin and lip moisturizers and drinking 200 ml of water per hour to prevent dehydration.
  6. Comfortable Footwear: Ensure you wear comfortable footwear and socks to prevent blisters and discomfort.
  7. Time Management: Coordinate your departure and return times from your accommodation to the Prophet's Mosque to minimize congestion, particularly around hotel elevators.
  8. Maintain Nutrition and Rest: Stick to regular meal times and ensure you get sufficient rest to maintain your well-being.
  9. Seek Assistance: It's important for the pilgrims to find some help from the officials if they have some issues. "Don't be hesitate to seek assistance from Indonesian Hajj officials if you encounter any difficulties or require support," the Head of the Public Relations, Data, and Information Bureau (HDI) Akhmad Fauzin explained.

Moreover, the Ministry of Religious Affairs offers resources such as the Hajj Rituals Guidebook, tailored guides for elderly pilgrims, and instructional videos accessible through the PUSAKA application, available for download from both the Play Store and App Store.

Kemenag RI has planned to send an additional 23 groups comprising a total of 9,070 Hajj pilgrims are scheduled to depart for Madinah on  may, 13, 2024. They will continuing the sacred tradition of pilgrimage. (*)

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