Folktale: The Legend of Timun Mas

Minggu, 25 Oktober 2020 - 01:24 | 1.61m
Illustration: Buto Ijo chases Timun  Mas. (Photo: Pop Mama)
Illustration: Buto Ijo chases Timun Mas. (Photo: Pop Mama)

TIMESINDONESIA, JAKARTA – Timun Mas or Golden Cucumber is a folktale adapted from Central Java. This story featured one young brave girl called Timun Mas and a giant called Buto Ijo or Green Giant.

The story begins with and old widow named Mbok Srini who lives by herself and wish to have a descendant to accompany her during her old times. Her wish came true when a green giant, Buto Ijo came to her on her way home and blessed her with a child.


Buto Ijo gave her a huge golden cucumber and asked her to promise to give her first child to him to devour. By the time Mbok Srini got home, she eats the cucumber and spread the seed on her yard.

The weird thing is the cucumber tree had only one huge golden berry. When harvest time comes, she took the huge golden cucumber grows on her yard. She was surprised to find a cute baby girl in it.

Mbok Srini decided to name the baby Timun Mas for she was found in the golden cucumber. She was so happy that finally she had someone to take care of and accompany her for in her old days.

With her joy of taking care Timun Mas, Mbok Srini forgot about her promise to Buto Ijo. She raised Timun Mas until she grew up and became a lovely, smart and brave young lady.

One day, Buto Ijo pay a visit to Mbok Srini’s house and asked to devour Timun Mas. Mbok Srini told Buto Ijo to come another day and lied to him and told him that Timun Mas doesn’t feel well on that day.

Mbok Srini who has taken Timun Mas as half of her soul tells her daughter to run away. She packed her with magic cucumber seed, needles, salt and shrimp paste in her bag which she got from a local religious leader.

On the next day Buto Ijo came to Mbok Srini and find out that Timun Mas has run away. He chased her and found her on the way she runs. Timun Mas threw the magic cucumber seeds, it grows so fast and tied the giant and hold him while Timun Mas continued her run. https://www.sravni.ru/zaimy/bez-otkaza/

The giant could get away easily from the trendils. Timun Mas then threw the needles which directly turn into bamboo forest once it touch the ground. However, the giant could pass through it though it has injured his feet.

Timun Mas spread salts behind her back. Suddenly a sea appeared behind her drowning the evil giant. Unfortunately, the giant could swim well though the sea and run after her again.

Timun Mas desperately opened the last thing her mother gave to her, the shrimp paste turns into boiling volcanic mud and drowned him. She was so happy that she finally managed to get away from Buto Ijo.

She harshly went back to her mother house and hug her. Both Timun Mas and Mbok Srini were so happy that they could get away from such situation. They live happily since then till the rest of their life. (*) 

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Editor : Khodijah Siti
Publisher : Lucky Setyo Hendrawan