A Horror Story from Kanjuruhan Soccer Tragedy Victim

Minggu, 23 Oktober 2022 - 01:01 | 26.59k
A Horror Story from Kanjuruhan Soccer Tragedy Victim
Cahayu Nur Dewata, a victim of Kanjuruhan soccer tragedy tells her story after the accident. (Photo: Rizky Kurniawan Pratama/TIMES Indonesia)

TIMESINDONESIA, MALANG – A young lady named Cahayu Nur Dewata had to encounter some horror after managed to recover from her 3 days coma from the soccer tragedy at Kanjuruhan. This 16-years-old girl saw the ghost of her deceased loved friend who died from the incident.

This happened after Cahayu came back from her 3 days coma in the hospital. The girl who stayed with her parents at Jalan Pulau Galang No.2, Ciptomulyo, Sukun, Malang had some brain trauma and lost her memory for several days. 

She forgot her past and unable to remember anything before the tragedy happened. She had to ask her parents' help to remind her of which one is including all the member of her family.


As for now, she has been better and could name each of her family member. But for those long relatives she never met after the tragedy or those friends not living in her house would be another stage to memorize with the help of her mother.

The horror story begins when Cahayu saw a girl with initial N standing in front of her and ask her to pray for her. She said yes and will pray for her wellness in the afterlife. 

Cahayu then asked her mother about N for literally she barely remember her. Her mom said that N was her best friend who died from the incident in Kanjuruhan.

Cahayu was shocked and was absolutely gloomy to hear that she lost her best friend. 

Her mom said that before the accident, Cahayu and N just like pea in a pod. They couldn't be separated and had most of their time together. "I couldn’t remember

her, and when I asked mom, she said that she (N) was a close friend of mine," Cahayu said. 

After her first meeting, few weeks later N coming back right before she tucks herself on bed. It wasn't a dream. Cahayu said she was wide awake by that time. "I was just about to sleep, she came and asked me to come with her, and I said No," she told her story.

Cahayu said every time N come things in the place, she was in was getting colder than it used to.  It was the second time she met N ghost. She believes it was because their close encounter before they were separated by the tragedy.

Meanwhile, Yeni Puspita Eden Cahayu's older sister said that they still trying to bring back her memories step by step. Her sister had brain trauma after he was fallen, and people stepped on her head when they tried to safe their life.

Beside they brain trauma, Cahayu had some other severe injuries. Her eyes were swollen and red and her hand couldn't be moved "We still doing some more therapy for her hand, and it shows some improvement," Yeni explained. 

Meanwhile, for the memory loss doctor said that it will take around 6 months to create a whole memory like she had before. "She will forget the things she said after 5 minutes," Yeni explaining her sister condition after Kanjuruhan soccer tragedy

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