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Elon Musk on G20 Indonesia Discussing Twitter in the Dark

Senin, 14 November 2022 - 13:27 | 30.67k
Elon Musk during G20 Indonesia Summit. (Photo: Screenshot)
Elon Musk during G20 Indonesia Summit. (Photo: Screenshot)

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TIMESINDONESIA, JAKARTA – Elon Musk was said positively couldn't attend B20 of G20 Indonesia. But he made time to attend the event online through face time and share some of his thought about the economy condition nowadays. Elon couldn't attend the meeting for he got so much thing to do that he couldn't leave his office right now.

During the time Elon who wear batik which similar to Anindya Bakrie's stated his opinion about some of the business he own like Twitter, Space X, and Tesla. Bakrie the CEO and President Director of Bakrie n' Brothers accompany and deliver some questions presented by the society towards Elon.


The two was having some great moment of talk though Elon had to face some issue with his electricity. He was having power outage and had to speak to the audience in the dark. 

Bakrie started the discussion with giving Elon some simple question about Twitter. According to Elon, Twitter has such a good future in Indonesia. Regarding to Twitter Tv that  has become a popular topic lately Elon said that it would such a great idea for it will bring more people to be able to make a living on it.

Speaking about Tesla, Elon said that Indonesia will have such a huge contribution especially on the nickel as the main source of EV battery. With the renewable energy generation and sustainable mining combine with good education it will make one of a great country in the world.

Discussing about much more affordable EV in the future, Elon seems like he has a plan about it. "I can't speak too much about the future
Tesla project except to say that we do think making a much more affordable vehicle will make lot of sense than we do now," Elon said on B20 on Monday (14/11/2022). 

He also discussed about the probability of human will travel across the country with rocket in 45 minutes or less than an hour. And that was what Space X thought about right now.

Answering some question from the society about his obsession to send people to Mars, Elon said that it a was a thing people should have to inspire them and make them happy just by having the thought of it. 

About the the traffic and emission issues faced by the developing countries in the world Elon said that electric busses will help to reduce these issues along with tunnel installment. This will also reduce the noise pollution across the globe which make the world less stress. 

Still according to him, flying electric cars will also be a good answer for congestions. Still, EV in tunnel will solve the issues just like what they have in Las Vegas. 

At the end of the discussion Elon also emphasized the Gen Z and millennials to think of what kind of future they want. Relating to the universe and sustainable energy for a better economy which has also become the main issue in B20 of G20 Indonesia Elon Musk expecting the future generation to broaden their knowledge to understand the nature of universe to create a better future.(*)

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Editor : Khodijah Siti
Publisher : Ahmad Rizki Mubarok