Experience the Modern, Romantic Staycation on the Sea with Kapal Pinisi Kamalingga Cruise Ship

Selasa, 15 November 2022 - 02:02 | 12.39k
Experience the Modern, Romantic Staycation on the Sea with Kapal Pinisi Kamalingga Cruise Ship
Kapal Pinisi Kamalingga Cruise Ship at Probolinggo. (PHOTO: Agus Purwoko/TIMES Indonesia)

TIMESINDONESIA, PROBOLINGGO – What comes into your mind when you hear the word ‘staycation’? Usually, people who want to have a staycation will stay in hotels, cottages, inns, and the like. Staycation in Probolinggo will be more exciting and romantic on the sea with Kapal Pinisi Kamalingga cruise ship

Probolinggo is a city on the north coast of East Java province, Indonesia. This city offers stunning destinations to go for. However, if you are coming to Probolinggo, you may have a different experience of staycation with this cruise ship.

Kapal Pinisi Kamalingga is a new tourism attraction for having a staycation on the sea. It offers you a modern and romantic atmosphere while enjoying the view of the deep-blue sea around you. 

Kapal Pinisi Kamalingga is a ship made by the Buginese in Makassar, Sulawesi. This ship, which was launched around two months ago, belongs to Kamalingga Tour and Travel. 

This ship is exclusively arranged and designed for anyone who wants to stay overnight on the sea. The ship will take you anywhere around the sea of Probolinggo, including the exotic small islands in the middle of the sea, such as Gili Ketapang Island and another desert island called Pulau Kaca (the island of glass) due to its white, smooth sand. However, this uninhabited small island does not appear to the surface during the high tide. 

“The location of the island is on the north of Gili Island. It is a vast island, where people can spend their time relaxing and enjoying the scenic view of the sea. Besides, we can enjoy the colorful fishes and reefs under the crystal-clear water.” said H. Akbar, the owner of the ship. 

The passengers staying in Kapal Pinisi Kamalingga can see the sunrise and the sunset. This ship offers the best service to the guests. It may take you to surf and let you enjoy the exotic ocean. 

The passengers will be entertained by the music from the sound system. If you are into singing, you can enjoy some karaoke with the other passengers. 

Kapal Pinisi Kamalingga is specially designed for those who want to stay overnight on the sea. It has one main room, a karaoke room, a dining room and 12 bedrooms. 

“Kapal Pinisi Kamalingga can accommodate up to 35 passengers,” Akbar added. 

The passengers can take a bath, have breakfast and lunch on board. Besides, the passengers can enjoy some foods in Gili Island, in the café located on this island. 

“The café is still in progress. It is located to the east of the pier,” Akbar said. 

The staycation package includes staying on board for 2 days and 1 night, dinner and breakfast, sailing to Gili Island, BBQ on board, enjoying sunset and sunrise, online karaoke and cinematic video by drone. 

The owner of the ship did not mention the exact price. He only said that the price is relatively affordable. Of course, with such a relatively affordable price, you will get the best staycation experience and complete facilities in Kapal Pinisi Kamalingga. 

“Our price is relatively affordable. We can guarantee your satisfaction,” said H. Akbar, the owner of Kapal Pinisi Kamalingga cruise ship in Probolinggo. (*)

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