Experience a Stunning View from the Top of Mount Lawu

Senin, 21 November 2022 - 03:21 | 13.92k
Experience a Stunning View from the Top of Mount Lawu
The cloud situated under the peak of Mount Lawu. (Photo: Rohmadi/TIMES Indonesia)

TIMESINDONESIA, MAGETAN – Speaking about the how enchanting is Mount Lawu which located on the border of East Java and Central Java, the mount have been well known to offer such beauty. Lots of people will hike and trying to reach the peak just to enjoy the scenic view.

The peak was located on 3.265 above the sea level. It will need a good condition of you to get to the top. This mount was laid on the border of the big ptovince in Java. It divides 3 fifferent cities on two different provinces.  It is the Magetan of East Java, Ngawi of East Java, and Karanganyar, Central Java.

It might take all of your energy but once you reach it, everything will be paid off. The beauty of the natural scenery around, the cloud which lies under your standing point, everything makes you feel like you just staying in the sky.

If this was the first time for you to hike Mount Lawu then it will not be a question if you will never be able to forget the memories you create on this mountain.  And surely you will want to have a second chance to get your feet on the top.


To be able to reach the top of the mountain  you could choose 4 differences lane for hiking. You could start from Cemoro Sewu of Magetan, Cemoro Kandang of Katanganyar, Cetho Temple of Karanganyar, and Singolangu of Magetan.

All of the lane has their own peculiar view which will mesmerizeyour eyes and makes your trip to the top of the mountain will like nothing compared to the beautiful sceneries you got.

You could choose three different spots for summit. There are Hargo Dumilah at the top peak,  Hargo Dalem next down to it, and last there was Hargo Dumiling which also offers a magnificent view of Mount Lawu from the top.

But foe those who went to Mount Lawu for the cloud within an arm reach view you might need to be patient for this occasion doesn't happen everyday. As a natural phenomenon the cloud will appear once the weather is perfect and may be cold enough to create a cloudy atmosphere.

So you have to prepare yourself for any weather it might happened just in case you wouldn't find the beautiful scenery you want. But don't worry the panoramic view will make you feel like you were standing on top of heaven.

For those who feel like wanted to satisfiy all those worms in their belly, you might need to check Warung Mbok Yem. It's a local food shop located on the top of the mountain which offers the authentic taste of local food.

But don't you worry, for those who want some hot fried noodle, this food shop serve everything you want. You name it, Mbok Yem, the name of the owner of the food shop will make it, except for those western kind of food.

For your information, Mount Lawu is the no.6 tallest mountain in Indonesia. Make sure you have a good condition before deciding to hike. And those who feel having some health issues during their time of hiking you better go down and rest in the main post to prevent something worse happened. (*)

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Editor : Khodijah Siti
Publisher : Sholihin Nur