Experience Dipping Your Body at Cangar Hot Spring Water Batu

Kamis, 24 November 2022 - 00:36 | 9.77k
Experience Dipping Your Body at Cangar Hot Spring Water Batu
The visitors dipping their body at Cangar hot spring water, Batu. (PHOTO: Muhammad Dhani Rahman/TIMES Indonesia)

TIMESINDONESIA, BATU – Dipping your body and play with the hot spring water will be a nice thing to have to soend your day off. And this experience could be enjoyed at Cangar Hot Spring Water Tourism Area, Bumiaji, Batu.

This tourist attraction seems timeless and always crowded with visitors from any corner of the country.

The cheap ticket prices and natural hot water pools are magnets for the tourists to come to this tourist attraction. The easier access to this location has made this place a favorite one to go to spend their holiday.  

“This is the first time I’m here, before I read it on the internet, it was actually more exciting. Even though it’s still in the renovation process, we can still enjoy our holidays in this place,” said Heriyanto, a Semarang resident.

That’s why, when there were plans for recreation in Batu City, he took the time to come with his family to Cangar.


“The trip feels good because along the way there were lots of natural scenery, vegetable, apple and strawberry orchard. So it was quite entertaining,” said Heriyanto.

Entrance tickets to the Cangar tourist attraction are quiet cheap. It costs Rp.16.500 for entrance ticket, Rp.3000 for motorcycle parking ticket, and Rp.5000 for car parking ticket. 

“I paid Rp.20.000, entrance ticket for one person and motorcycle parking ticket,” said Santoso, a Junrejo resident.

Cangar is located at an altitude of 1,600 meters above the sea level. The trees that dominate the area are Kukrup, Anggrung, Tutup, Panas, Cemara Gunung, etc. Even though it has become a natural tourism area, the Cangar block is still a conversation area, because it is in the Raden Soerjo Tahura area. 

Cangar is a type of lower mountain ecosystem, the diversity of Cangar vegetation is dominated by types that can stand high humidity but low temperatures, such as various types of ferns, mosses, mushrooms, orchid species and trees such as Tutup, Kukup, Pasang, Anggrung and Cemara Gunung.

The wild animals that can still be found in Cangar are primates such as the Javanese Budeng Lutung, Macaca (long-tailed macaque), various kinds of birds such as the Javanese Eagle, Srigunting Batu, Anis Sisik, Sepah Gunung, Jalak Batu and other types of mammals such as squirrels.


"While we were soaking, we saw Lutung jumping on a tree above the pool, it was truly extraordinary," said Santoso who came with his girlfriend.

There are three hot spring pools that are ready to be used, because the other two pools are in the process of being repaired. It is estimated that construction will be completed in December 2022.

Most recently, there is a family private pool which is prepared in a room with a capacity of 6 people. To be able to enjoy this facility, we have to pay an additional fee of Rp.100.000 per hour.
Cangar hot water appears as an embodiment of the geothermal outflow zone. The hot water appears because the heat source that is under the cone of Mount Arjuno-Welirang heats the liquid stored in the reservoir which is covered by caprock.

Cangar hot water is a type of bicarbonate water with significant concentrations of SiO2 (silicon dioxide), SO4 (Sulfate/Sulfur) and CI (Clorin). Bicarbonate is the predominant form of inorganic carbon dissolved in water and an important sink in the carbon cycle.

The mineral content of sulfur in the hot water at Cangar Hot Spring Water Destination, Batu City, has many health benefits, for example as a treatment for skin disorders, respiratory medicine, and musculoskeletal treatment (muscular system, connective tissue, nerves, bones and joints. (*) 

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Editor : Khodijah Siti
Publisher : Rizal Dani