The Scrumptious of Ayam Kampung Bacem ala Java Lotus Hotel Jember

Jumat, 25 November 2022 - 05:27 | 36.66k
The delicious of Ayam bacem pendalungan ala Java Lotus Hotel that is ready to shake your tongue. (Photo: Java Lotus for TIMES Indonesia)
The delicious of Ayam bacem pendalungan ala Java Lotus Hotel that is ready to shake your tongue. (Photo: Java Lotus for TIMES Indonesia)

TIMESINDONESIA, JEMBER – Bacem or baceman is a way some food processed in the kitchen. This way of cooking was firstly introduce from the Mataraman area of Central Java and DI Yogyakarta which is famous for its sweet taste typical of brown sugar. Java Lotus Hotel Jember raised the snacks that were tailored to the tastes of the people of the Padalungan people.

The kind of cultures that unite in the Jember region makes the various foods offered have a savory taste. The hotel which is located on Jl. Gen.

Gatot Subroto No.47, Kepatihan, Kaliwates district, raised culinary culture with the characteristic of Pedalungan in the closing food promo in 2022. 

Jeffrey Wibisono V. General Manager of Java Lotus Hotel noted, the menu is Ayam Kampung Bacem Pendalungan ala Java Lotus Hotel ready to be served to accompany various events. 

"Ayam Kampung with Jember's signature bacem seasoning, served with boiled vegetables, paired with curry soup dipping seasoning that evokes the deliciousness of Ayam Kampung Bacem ala Java Lotus.  The presence of dipping seasoning is incomplete if it is not accompanied by chili sauce which is a characteristic of Indonesian  people," Jeffrey remarked. 

Meanwhile, he admitted that the Chef de Cuisine Java Lotus Hotel prepared three kinds of sambal that became champions, namely, edamame chili sauce, onion sauce  and shrimp paste sauce. 

"Ayam bacem in Jember is quite famous, (it) has many fans and is one of the comfort food menus at home and on social networks," admitted Jeffrey.  

Ayam kampung bacem ala Java Lotus is priced at Rp.59,000++ per serving. You are guaranteed to be  satisfied enjoying ayam kampung dishes which taste a little sweet,  savory, delicious, balanced with Indonesian coconut milk soup from the secret kitchen recipe prepared by KOE Restaurant, Java Lotus Hotel.

The menu is suitable to be enjoyed alone, as a family, with colleagues or with loved ones. On the other hand, Java Lotus equally provides take away or souvenirs for hantaran, ater-ater, and gifts. 

"The Java Lotus Culinary Team prepared PO Hantaran aka Hampers, a portion of Ayam Kampung Bacem Pendalungan Java  Lotus Jember," explained GM Java Lotus.  

The one of Ayam Kampung Bacem Pendalungan is packaged using a  bamboo tenong / basket which is pegged at a package price of Rp. 199,000 ++ free shipping with a delivery radius of 5KM from Java Lotus Hotel Jember.

Interested in eating baceman blends with a taste of pendalungan? Or just a layover at Java Lotus Hotel Jember?  Please call the hotel phone 0331-5102-777 or WA +62 858-5811-4580. (*)

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