4 Recommended Seafood Restaurants in Malang

Sabtu, 07 Januari 2023 - 02:45 | 76.59k
Seafood mix, one of the popular dish at a restaurant in Malang. (Photo: Doc. TIMES Indonesia)
Seafood mix, one of the popular dish at a restaurant in Malang. (Photo: Doc. TIMES Indonesia)

TIMESINDONESIA, MALANG – Have you ever went to a local seafood restaurants in Malang? If you haven't we will recommend you top 4 list of best places in the city. Each of them will give a different experience of tasting this food with their very own recipe. 

Thinking of having a plate of some seafood with its super tasty sauce has made everyone salivating without they even know it. The sweet, tender, and savory taste of the sea creatures will bring you over the moon, especially for those seafood lovers. 


Names of Best 4 Seafood Restaurants in Malang

1.  Warung Lamongan Cak Rie

This restaurant is located at Jalan W.R. Supratman No.15, Celaket, Klojen, Malang. It is located right in front Lavalette hospital and opens till midnight. For those who willing to fill their belly at night this place could be your alternative to go. 

This place has never been quiet from the customers especially during dining time. It opens daily from 11.00 - 24.00 local western time. You could also also pick your own seafood to be served with their secret tasty sauce recipe at the entrance.

2. Warung Seafood Cak Tomo

Located at Jalan Tumenggung Suryo and Jalan Sanan No.114, Tempe, Blimbing, Malang this place has dozens dish made of sea creatures in positive way on their list. The fresh ingredients this place  have served has made people coming back for more. 

The restaurant was located next to the main road and is very easy to be accessed. "This is the best seafood restaurant in town, The food is delicious and fresh. The place is quite comfortable though it's located next to the main road," Avisena, a local food guide said. 

3. Warung Seafood 86

Just like another restaurants, this place has enchanted the customers with the exquisite and exotic taste of the sea creatures. Located at Jalan Candi Mendut No.51 this restaurant has never been quiet from the customers, especially during dinner. 

This place open from 15.00 local western times till they have run out of their stick for the day. The fresh ingredient they served combined with the special recipe sauces has made people longing for the ultimate taste of the food. 

4. Warung Seafood dan Ikan Bakar Bang Heru

Located at Jalan Sulawesi No.9, Kasin, Klojen, Malang this restaurant served dozens dish fish an sea mollusks on their list. Their signature dish is the ikan bakar or those grilled fish. People has come back to this restaurant for the same menu from time to time. 

Though it was just a small restaurant or you could say as street food stall, this place will never let your down. This place will bring you the authentic taste of seafood while you were in Malang. (*)

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Editor : Khodijah Siti
Publisher : Ahmad Rizki Mubarok

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