Genting Kalianyar Roof Tile Bondowoso Goes Worldwide

Rabu, 25 Januari 2023 - 06:33 | 64.92k
Illustration: Roof tiles in warehouse. (Photo: Ededchechine/Freepik)
Illustration: Roof tiles in warehouse. (Photo: Ededchechine/Freepik)

TIMESINDONESIA, JAKARTA – If you were looking for a good roof tile with good export quality then Genting Kalianyar is your answer. This roof tile will be the best choice to cover your house and safe it from the heat. 

The roof tile was made in a village named Kalianyar, Temaman, Bondowoso, East Java. The name of roof tile was taken after the village. Most of the villagers create such roof tiles as their main business. 

They create the this mud base ceiling from the scratch and still using traditional technique to finish it up. However, this particular roof tiles has reached the global market for its distribution.

Some Obstacles in Producing the Roof Tiles

Genting Kalianyar was produced manually by those experienced hands of local workers with the help of non electrical tools. They still process it traditionally especially during the drying process.

The sun will be needed to help the drying process and it will take for few days till its totally dry. Normally, it will take at least 3 days to dry when the sun shines bright or during the summer. 

But during rainy season it will take longer than expected. The drying process was needed to make sure the stiffness so it won't easily break after being heated in the oven. 

In a day, the producer could make around 400 pieces of this mud top. That means when the drying process having some issue with the sun, then the production will be uphold as well. 

Positive Feedback from the Global Market

Genting Kalianyar has been well known in the country. Beside taking some orders from Bondowoso, they also send their products to Jember, Situbondo, and Bali. This product has also been well known by the global market. 

Commonly, people will bought the product in a set. A set of this consists of 1000 pieces tiles will cost you for IDR 800 K. Whereas during the pandemic the price dropped to IDR 350 K/set. 

During the pandemic, the demand for Genting Kalianyar has dropped to almost to the lowest state. But as the pandemic been tackled down, the demand raised to almost normal. "It was down. But not stuck, and not normal as well," a local businessman of Kalianyar said. 

As to place some order, you could just order via phone or market place. Your Genting Kalianyar will be delivered to you in a good shape. This roof tile will last for more than 10 years to cover your house and keep you away from the heat. (*)

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Editor : Khodijah Siti
Publisher : Lucky Setyo Hendrawan


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