Haji Thohir: Guardian of Madura's Timeless Bull Racing Legacy

Kamis, 07 September 2023 - 09:13 | 85.34k
(From left to right) Haji Thohir, Panglima TNI Yudo Margono and Pangdam V Brawijaya Farid Makruf sits along to watch Bull Racing. (Photo: Pendam V Brawijaya for TIMES Indonesia)
(From left to right) Haji Thohir, Panglima TNI Yudo Margono and Pangdam V Brawijaya Farid Makruf sits along to watch Bull Racing. (Photo: Pendam V Brawijaya for TIMES Indonesia)

TIMESINDONESIA, JAKARTA – In the heart of Madura, where traditions are cherished like precious gems, a dedicated guardian watches over a cultural legacy that defines the spirit of the island. Amidst the electrifying atmosphere of the 2023 Piala Panglima TNI Bull Racing competition, one figure emerges from the crowd, a figure known far and wide as Haji Thohir. He embodies unwavering dedication and deep love for Madura's cultural heritage.

Sitting firmly beside TNI Commander Yudo Margono and Pangdam V Farid Makruf, Haji Thohir's eyes glisten with fervor as he meticulously observes every detail of the bull racing. Not just entertainment, Karapan Sapi is a symbol of identity and pride of the Madurese people.

A Journey Rooted in Tradition

When the melodic strains of saronen echoed, the atmosphere became even hotter. For Haji Thohir, the sound is more than just music. It is the rhythm of his heart, the story of his past, and his future hopes for Madura.

Back to his childhood, he remembers the first time he felt the vibrations of life from this tradition. How he lovingly cared for his grandfather's racing cattle. Learning to understand the character and special traits of the cows that made them a champion.

But more than that, Haji Thohir saw this race as a symbol of struggle and determination.Each jockey, urging their bulls forward, symbolizes the perseverance and unwavering dedication required to bring honor to Madura.

A Symbol of Love, Pride, and Tradition

The Bull Racing tells a story of love, pride and tradition. With 38 pairs of cattle divided into several teams, including the Gagak Rimang team that has won three consecutive titles, Haji Thohir is not only the owner of the racing cattle, but also an important pillar in preserving Karapan Sapi.

The name "Gagak Rimang" itself is taken from a sweet memory when a crow perched on his cowshed. A sign that even nature supports his spirit.

Haji Thohir invests not merely with his financial resources but with his heart and soul. His dedication to this tradition goes beyond the realm of money. It is a commitment to ensure that Madura's younger generation comprehends the significance of preserving their heritage.

"Money can be earned, but our cultural heritage is a sacred trust we must protect," he said passionately.

When Pangdam V Brawijaya Major General Farid Makruf gave his appreciation, he was not only appreciating Haji Thohir, but also every individual who struggles to maintain Madurese culture. In his eyes, we could see the recognition of Haji Thohir's dedication and sacrifice in maintaining priceless traditions.

A Love that Illuminates the Future

As the sun began to set and the cheers became a silent, Haji Thohir's message still resonated. That the love of culture is not just a matter of remembering, but how we strive to ensure that the heritage is kept alive and passed on to future generations.

Haji Thohir's story is a story of sustainability. About how one individual with great determination can influence many people and be an inspiration to all. About how we, even in the midst of modernization, must maintain our cultural roots like Karapan Sapi or Bull Racing. And above all, about how love for culture can be a light that illuminates the path of the next generation. (*)

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Editor : Khodijah Siti
Publisher : Lucky Setyo Hendrawan


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