Istanbul Youth Summit 2024: Fostering Global Collaboration for Sustainable Solutions

Selasa, 12 Maret 2024 - 04:05 | 15.31k
The participants and the crew of Istanbul Youth Summit gathered for picture after the closing ceremony. (Photo: YBB)
The participants and the crew of Istanbul Youth Summit gathered for picture after the closing ceremony. (Photo: YBB)

TIMESINDONESIA, JAKARTA – The Istanbul Youth Summit 2024 recently concluded its four-day series of events at the Windsor Hotel and Convention Center and Golden Tulip Hotel in Bayrampasa, Istanbul, Turkey. Started with a Gala Dinner at Windsor Hotel and Convention Center (4/3/2024), the summit brought together participants from 27 countries, creating a platform for meaningful discussions on international cooperation.

Aldi Subakti, the Chair of the Istanbul Youth Summit, kicked off the event with a warm welcome to the hundreds of participants. The Gala Dinner set the stage for a lively atmosphere, accompanied by delicious Turkish cuisine. Expressing gratitude for the participants' dedication to advancing international cooperation

"Thank you for the enthusiasm of all participants. May this event have a positive impact on our friends and the world," Aldi said.

The following day, the summit continued with a Youth Talkshow featuring three distinguished speakers: Neona Ayu from Indonesia, Manal Boujnir from Morocco, and Nida Saithi from Pakistan. A Panel Discussion ensued, exploring various issues relevant to the theme "Innovation and Collaboration: Unlocking Youth-driven Solutions for Sustainability."

Thus aligned with the four sub-themes of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) — Education, Health, Economy, and Environment. The discussions aimed at fostering innovative solutions.

The event progressed with social project presentations by all participants, organized into 15 groups (6/3/2024). Each group presented their social projects related to the SDGs, covering diverse areas such as Education, Health, Economy, and Environment. The projects, developed since December under the guidance of experienced mentors, reflected the participants' enthusiasm and dedication.

The presentation sessions, with each lasting 25 minutes, were divided into two segments. The first part involved a 15-minute presentation of the projects, followed by a 10-minute Q&A session and feedback from the esteemed panel of judges.

Faraj Abbasi, a participant from New Zealand presenting Mentor Link, expressed his expectations for the project: "I hope that in the future, Mentor Link can provide learning anytime and anywhere. I want Mentor Link to go global."

The summit reached its pinnacle with the Awarding Night at the same day, at Golden Tulip Hotel Istanbul. This night celebrated the achievements of individuals and groups, with categories including Best Male Presenter, Best Female Presenter, Best Delegates, Best Group Leader, Best Essay, Best Group, Best Social Project, and Most Active Group.

The Istanbul Youth Summit (IYS) officially concluded on March 7, 2024, aiming to leave a positive impact on all participants as they return to their respective countries from various corners of the world. The event, with its diverse discussions and projects, served as a catalyst for fostering global collaboration and sustainable solutions. (*)

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Editor : Khodijah Siti
Publisher : Sofyan Saqi Futaki


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