Braille Quran Reading Guide for Visually Impaired

Selasa, 02 April 2024 - 05:11 | 12.21k
Braille Quran
Braille Quran

TIMESINDONESIA, JAKARTA – The Committee for the Standardization of the Quran Script at the Ministry of Religious Affairs has launched a guidebook for reading the Braille Quran, intended to facilitate individuals with sensory disabilities, particularly the visually impaired, in understanding and learning the Quran in Braille.

"This serves as a learning model for those with special needs in the visual field, enabling them to easily learn the Quran written in Braille," stated the Secretary-General of the Ministry of Religious Affairs, M. Ali Ramdhani, in Jakarta on Monday.

The launch of the Braille Quran reading guide coincides with the Ramadhan Show event themed "Al Quran For All," held at the Ministry of Religious Affairs building in Thamrin, Jakarta, from April 1 to April 3, 2024.

Dhani emphasized that the Ministry of Religious Affairs aims for the Quran to be accessible to all, without exception. This signifies that the Ministry is an institution that provides inclusive services to the community.

According to him, the presence of the Braille Quran and its guidebook is not only dedicated to the Indonesian Muslim community but also for the global Muslim community since sign language and Braille are internationally recognized reading methods.

The Head of Research and Development Training at the Ministry of Religious Affairs, Amien Suyitno, mentioned that while the Braille Quran has long been printed and distributed, there is limited knowledge about how to read it.

Therefore, the launch of the Braille Quran guidebook is expected to broaden access and reduce the illiteracy rate of Quranic Braille readers in Indonesia.

"We have two models available, one in hardcopy form and the other in softcopy form for Android. Both can be accessed through the Pusaka application," he said.

He explained that the guidebook, named Iqro'na, was developed based on the community's request, particularly from visually impaired individuals, urging the government to create a Braille Quran learning method book.

"Similar to those who can see, who have methods like Qiroati, Iqra, and many other methods," he stated.

In its development, he added, LPMQ (Committee for the Standardization of the Quran Script) involved experts and practitioners such as the Indonesian Blind Union, Yaketunis Yogyakarta, Wyata Guna Foundation Bandung, and several other institutions.

"Iqro'na is designed to be as easy as possible to learn and is comprehensively structured from the introduction of Arabic letters to the recitation of rare words," Suyitno concluded. (*)

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