The Mudik, A Philosophy of Ilaihi Raji'un

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Ilustrasi. (Foto: TIMES AI)
Ilustrasi. (Foto: TIMES AI)

TIMESINDONESIA, JAKARTA – These days, going back to our roots becomes a favorite journey. It feels like starting a long trip across the roads of memories. In the Muslim tradition in Indonesia, this returning is not just a geographical move. It's a philosophical journey to the core of existence and spiritual essence.

Planted in the folds of time, this tradition stirs the soul. It guides us towards to the sangkan paraning dumadi (Java philosophy). The source and goal of human life. To the origin we return.

Like silk threads connecting past, present, and future, the Indonesian Muslim tradition of returning unfolds meanings in the broader map of life. In the tapestry of Indonesian culture, this journey has layered meanings, stretching between the physical world and the spiritual realm. Like a river flowing back to its source, it invites the soul to reflect on the transient journey of life towards the eternal.

The phrase "Innalillahi wa inna ilaihi raji'un" (Indeed, to Allah we belong and to Allah we return) is not just for times of sorrow. It also deeply reflects on the essence of returning or coming home brought by this journey. It reminds us that every step forward is a movement towards a deeper understanding of existence.

Walking this path is like threading personal stories into the grand narrative of life. Every kilometer traveled not only shortens the physical distance but also erodes the barriers between the individual and their origins.

This journey becomes a medium, connecting oneself with ancestral heritage, reminding us of the values within the embrace of family and communal warmth. In this togetherness, stronger family bonds are woven, knitting a harmony that strengthens soul ties.

In the context of Islam, this journey mirrors the temporary nature of human life, where each individual is a pilgrim in the mortal world. Like the Hajj pilgrimage teaches equality, simplicity, and brotherhood, this journey teaches humility, patience, and resilience.

On the way home, new chapters open to understand the simplicity of life, appreciate moments with loved ones, and internalize valuable life lessons.


In the dynamics of this journey, lessons about life and death are contained. About how every second is precious and should be filled with meaningful actions.

It's a reflection of "Indeed, to Allah we belong and to Allah we return". Reminding us that every beginning has an end, and every meeting will be followed by parting. Thus, this journey becomes a moment for introspection, a time to reevaluate the essence of life and sharpen spiritual direction.

This moment also allows families to reconnect, renewing bonds that may have been weakened by distance and time. In the family's embrace, there's a restoring strength, creating a harmony that calms the heart and mind. This time is when old traditions are revitalized, noble values re-taught, and the foundation of faith strengthened in a framework of togetherness and love.

The end of the journey doesn't just mean returning to routine. It also brings home the essence and lessons learned along the way.

"And it is He who created the heavens and the earth in six days, and His Throne was upon water, to test which of you is best in deed. And if you say, 'You will be resurrected after death,' the disbelievers will surely say, 'This is nothing but obvious magic." (Quran 11:7)

This verse affirms that life is a test to show our best deeds.

The Sufi poet Jalaluddin Rumi said, "The path of life is not in front of or behind us, but within us." This shows that the journey of returning and life is about introspection and finding meaning within ourselves, revealing the layers of life hidden behind daily routines.

When steps back home become an annual ritual, the journey is more than just tradition. It is a heart's journey leading back to essence, to the center of self and spirituality. Like lovers reuniting after a long separation, every corner of home, every scent of mother's cooking, every sibling's smile, brings warmth and peace. Filling the heart with love and joy.

With all its complexities, this journey reflects life itself. The path we tread, full of twists, stories, and lessons. And life itself is a journey to a deeper understanding of who we are and the true meaning of existence.

Like the journey that eventually takes us back to the origin of life. Also a journey back to the Creator, seeking the meaning behind existence, and filling every moment with meaningful deeds.

A long journey of life, where each step should be filled with love, hope, and wisdom. Then searching and finding meaning in every encounter and farewell. Until the time we return to Him. Back to the source of all existence. Safe travels, guys! (*)

*) The author is Khoirul Anwar, vice chairman of PCNU Malang City, and LTN PBNU.

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Editor : Khodijah Siti
Publisher : Rochmat Shobirin


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