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Inspirational Journey of Subiyanto, the Banana Seller Who Joined Hajj 2024

Sabtu, 25 Mei 2024 - 05:31 | 21.62k
Subiyanto and his wife performing Hajj 2024. (PHOTO: MCH 2024 Kemenag RI)
Subiyanto and his wife performing Hajj 2024. (PHOTO: MCH 2024 Kemenag RI)

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TIMESINDONESIA, MADINAH – Ahmad Subiyanto (82), born in Purbalingga in 1942, has finally fulfilled his lifelong dream of performing the the fifth pillars of Islam durung Hajj 2024. Despite numerous challenges, his unwavering determination has led him to this significant milestone.

Ahmad Subiyanto, along with his wife Sumbiyah (74), began their journey as banana sellers in Pangkalan Bun, Central Kalimantan. Starting in 1986, Subiyanto pedaled through the city on his bicycle, selling bananas. He reminisces with a smile about those early days, saying, “I was young and strong, riding my bicycle around the city to sell bananas. But now, I’m not as capable.”

The couple initially managed a piece of land provided by the government’s transmigration program, selling their produce at the local market. Though they started with a variety of vegetables, they eventually focused solely on bananas due to high customer demand.

Despite their modest earnings, Subiyanto and his wife consistently set aside savings with the hope of one day performing Hajj together. However, their dream had to be postponed in 1999 to finance their youngest child's university education in Palangkaraya. Subiyanto recalls, “In 1999, we had saved a considerable amount, but we chose to use it for our youngest child’s education instead of registering for Hajj.”

Despite this setback, they continued to save diligently. Their youngest child graduated from university in 2004 and secured a job at a private company in Palangkaraya. By 2008, their child had passed the civil service exam, making two of their four children government employees.

In 2018, with financial assistance from their eldest child, Subiyanto and his wife performed Umrah. Upon their return, their youngest child registered them for Hajj. Six years later, Subiyanto was placed on the priority list for elderly pilgrims, allowing him and his wife to finalize their Hajj payments in 2024.

Subiyanto, part of the Banjarmasin Embarkation Group 5, expressed immense satisfaction with the government’s services. From departure to arrival in the Holy Land, both local and national authorities ensured that elderly pilgrims were well-cared for. “We were treated very well at the embarkation point, provided with elderly-friendly meals, and our documents were prioritized. Here in Madinah, we continue to receive special meals,” said Subiyanto.

Grateful for the excellent service, Subiyanto hopes for a smooth and successful Hajj. He asks for prayers for health, ease, and a blessed pilgrimage, returning home with happiness and joy after performing Hajj 2024. (*)

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