Menag RI Assures Pilgrims' Facilities are Ready

Kamis, 13 Juni 2024 - 02:23 | 15.23k
The Minister of Religious Affairs or Menag RI, Yaqut Cholil Qoumas. (Photo: MCH 2023 Kemenag RI)
The Minister of Religious Affairs or Menag RI, Yaqut Cholil Qoumas. (Photo: MCH 2023 Kemenag RI)

TIMESINDONESIA, MAKKAH – During a recent visit to pilgrimage sites in Arafat and Mina, the Minister of Religious Affairs or Menag RI, Yaqut Cholil Qoumas, verified that all facilities are in place and adequately prepared to meet the needs of the pilgrims.

Focus on Water Availability

A key concern for the Minister was the availability of water. As he tested a tap in the ablution area in Arafat, he noted the temperature and flow of the water. 

"It's hot," he remarked upon discovering the water's temperature. When he observed a weak water flow, he questioned the Masyariq authorities about the issue. They explained that the water supply had not yet been fully activated but assured him that it would be sufficient during the wukuf.

"You promise the water will be running smoothly on the day?" the Minister pressed, emphasizing the importance of this commitment.

Enhanced Comfort in Tents

In preparation for the pilgrims, more than 1,200 tents have been set up across 73 maktabs in Arafat and Mina. The Minister, affectionately known as Gus Men, conducted inspections of the bathroom facilities to ensure that amenities such as showers and jet washers were operational.

"Let me try," he said as he personally tested the facilities to confirm their functionality.

Moreover, the Minister reviewed the conditions of the tents in Arafat. This year, the tents have been upgraded with paving blocks under the carpets to help reduce heat.

"Paving blocks have been installed under the carpets to mitigate the heat," he noted, quoting the Masyariq authorities.

Some tents are also equipped with heat-insulated roofs, enhancing comfort for the pilgrims.

Accessibility and Improvements

In Mina, the Minister paid special attention to the toilets and accessibility for disabled individuals. Upon encountering a toilet that only had stairs, he immediately inquired about provisions for the disabled. The Masyariq authorities clarified that accessibility features for disabled pilgrims were located at the other end of the area.

"Why are there only stairs here? Where is the access for the disabled?" he asked, highlighting the need for inclusive facilities.

The Minister acknowledged the significant improvements made by the Masyariq authorities.

"Many improvements have been implemented by Masyariq. Now, we rely on the greatness of Allah. Hopefully, the hajj services in the upcoming days in Armuzna will proceed smoothly and successfully," Menag RI expressed with optimism. (*)

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Editor : Khodijah Siti
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