The Voice of Peace Official Video by Maria Stefanie

Minggu, 21 Maret 2021 - 10:20 | 82.78k

TIMESINDONESIA, JAKARTAThe Voice of Peace, which is official released on 21st March 2021, is a song which delivers the message of peace and gives a voice to victims of racial discrimination. Inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement in 2020, Maria Stefanie has included her own life experience to illustrate how it feels to be treated unfairly due to one's racial background.

Conflicts between nations and communities have led to some people generalising or forming conclusions about how one particular race may cause more trouble than another.

"The Voice of Peace" represents those who have experienced rejection or avoidance in friendship, profession or in their community due to being part of a minority group.

Maria's song describes how the world has begun to regress in its acceptance of diversity, but she hopes that by raising awareness to the plight of the victims, her listeners will be encouraged to fight for peace and unity.

Her audience is urged to keep sounding the voice of peace everywhere and allow this voice to become the chain of love, to create harmony and unite all races. (*)

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Editor : Yatimul Ainun
Publisher : Sholihin Nur


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